YouTube Disables Ads On Logan Paul Videos After PETA Calls Out YouTube
Logan Paul Censored

YouTube has announced that they have disabled all the ads on the Logan Paul YouTube videos, temporarily.

This follows on a couple of new videos that were posted up by Logan Paul, after he made his return to the platform from the Suicide Forest incident, where a lot of people became oversensitive to the fact that Paul filmed a dead body in a Japanese forest.

The latest antics involved Paul performing CPR on his dying fish by taking it of the water and pressing on its body with his fingers, and another video where he tasered two dead rats before throwing them in the trash and then he tasered them again. The act ended up offending PETA, who tweeted out the following on February 8th, 2018.

The organization wasn’t done with the moral grandstanding. They penned a vehement rebuff of Logan Paul’s antics in a blog post, where they explained…

“Shooting an animal’s dead body with a Taser isn’t just tacky or weird—it’s downright shameful. By posting this on YouTube, Paul could cause millions of his impressionable young followers to become desensitized to cruelty to animals.”


[…] “This type of content shouldn’t be posted anywhere. PETA is calling on YouTube to take down the video immediately.”

The “think of the children” request did in fact reach YouTube, and they announced via Twitter that they were temporarily disabling all the ads on Logan Paul’s videos on February 9th, 2018.

Lots of YouTubers, including JackSepticEye, praised YouTube for temporarily demonetizing their arch rival.

In a way, some could see it as competing YouTubers championing to have someone’s livelihood taken away in order to prevent them from competing at their highest level for views.

There’s been a consistent attack against Logan Paul and his channel, with many sections of the social justice communities pressuring YouTube to simply delete Logan Paul’s channel(s).

The Drama Alert channel from Keemstar covered a number of other tweets and responses from other YouTubers who were all on board of Logan Paul’s channel getting temporarily demonetized.

Keemstar isn’t on board with the Social Justice community, and actually criticizes YouTube for the move, pointing out that this is a fairly blatant form of censorship, stating…

“I don’t think this is a good idea. I don’t think they should have removed all of the ads off of Logan Paul, because I don’t really want online entertainment to be governed like TV is, like the FCC. I don’t want all these rules in place where it stops creativity.”


[…] “You’ve got to think about all the edgy YouTubers out there that make edgy jokes and whatnot – what if YouTube decides to just remove ads off of everyone? There’s just going to be a big portion of YouTube content that will just disappear overnight.”

He’s not wrong.

A lot of YouTubers were demonetized during previous scenarios known as the “adpocalypse” where certain kinds of language will result in your channel being demonetized, certain kinds of topics will result in your channel being demonetized, and even being a staunch anti-Intersectional Inquisition pundit will result in your channel being demonetized. In fact, YouTube laid out some vague guidelines on the kind of content that will likely no longer be eligible for monetization on the platform.

Taking things a step further by completely demonetizing a channel for what sort overly-sensitive people dictate as “offensive” could lead to a broad sweeping effect of censorship over the platform.


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