Abandon Ship Cheats Give You Infinite Gold, Food, Morale
Abandon Ship Cheats
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2018)

Fireblade Software’s Abandon Ship entered into Early Access back at the end of February. The game is going through the long and arduous process of fixing up the glitches, removing the bugs, and expanding the content leading up to the Early Access graduation. For gamers who have been having trouble in the Early Access run of the game, there are some cheats available for the game.

You can grab the cheat trainer for Abandon ShipFrom over on the Megadev.info page.

The cheat trainer contains the following cheats:

  • +1000 Gold
  • +0 Gold
  • +50 Food
  • -50 Food
  • +10 Morale
  • -10 Morale
  • Instant Reload
  • God Mode (ship section)
  • God Mode (entire ship)
  • God Mode (crew)
  • Unlimited Maneuver
  • No Water
  • Low Ship Health
  • One-Hit Kill
  • Low Ship Section Health
  • Low Crew Health

I’m not sure exactly why anyone would want to reduce their supplies, but the options are there for those that do. Maybe some people want to cheat and make the game more masochistic than it already is? I mean, some people have a penchant for pain and discomfort. Heck, there are still people who read Marvel comics.

Abandon Ship is currently in Early Access, and it’s a unique isometric naval strategy game about exploring the unknown, making fame, making coin, and battling against the cult of Cthulhu.

Fireblade Software have designed the game to look and play out like a classic canvas oil-paintings during the age of sail between the 15th and 19th century. The game utilizes a painterly aesthetic so that it looks very striking and visually poignant during gameplay.

Players will engage in turn-based style combat against other vessels, utilizing tactical measures to outwit and out-fire opponents. You can also discover new islands, upgrade your ship, and ultimately attempt to avoid getting wrecked. It’s not game over if you lose your ship, you can always take a lifeboat back to shore and try again… assuming you don’t get swallowed up by the sea, or a monster, along the way.

You can keep track of the game’s developmental progress or learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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