Afterparty Is About Two Friends Who Have To Out-Drink Satan To Escape Hell

Night School Studio, the same group behind the hipster sci-fi thriller called Oxenfree, have returned with a new game called Afterparty. It’s about two best friends named Milo and Lola who die and go to hell. However, they find out that they can escape hell if they can muster up the ability to out-drink Satan.

The game was introduced with a new gameplay trailer, which reveals that it’s still very similar to Oxenfree, insofar that there is a lot of talking over one another, a 2.5D camera view is still employed, and the game is designed to appeal to high-school and college students. You can check out the trailer below.

We see Milo and Lola traversing through a neon-clad Hell, where they hit up bars, drink, dance, engage with the night life, traverse a wasteland, scale rooftops, chug lots of alcohol, and attempt to build up their alcohol tolerance in order to eventually meet Satan in a drinking contest showdown.

The concept for the game is sort of unlike anything else out there, so I imagine it will easily appeal to a lot of younger gamers out there, especially the generation being raised to think that “violence is bad” and “guns are the devil”.

Nevertheless, I imagine much like Oxenfree Night School Studio will focus on keeping the adventure moving at a brisk pace with snappy dialogue and ironic comedy.

The trailer obviously doesn’t reveal what got Milo and Lola killed, but I’m sure gamers will discover it as they play through the game.

And speaking of playing through the game, you won’t be playing it anytime soon. Afterparty isn’t due for release until 2019. I’m almost willing to bet that the platform release plate will feature PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, but for now we have no idea what platforms the game will appear on.

You can visit the official website to keep track of development and new updates for Afterparty.


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