The American Dream, VR Shooter Is Ready To Trigger Anti-2nd Amendment Snowflakes
The American Dream

Samurai Punk’s The American Dream is a satirical game about a future where every single American citizen carries a gun with them wherever they go and gun culture is part of everyday life, from using guns to knock on doors, to using guns to open a bottle of milk. This game is a Constitutionalist’s wet dream come true, and it’s cocked and ready to fire its way onto Steam.

The trailer for The American Dream recently went live ahead of the game’s launch for VR headsets on March 14th. You’ll be able to pick up the title from over on the Steam store.

The American Dream supports the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. It is a VR-only title.

So what do you do in the game? Well, the launch trailer will do a far better job of explaining the concept than words ever could. Take a look below old chap.

So yeah…. in this game, you use guns to do everything. Literally… everything.

You can clean up your room by using twin .45 pistols. You can play football with a shotgun. You can even engage in conversations using a sniper rifle. Everything you do in The American Dream is done with guns.

It’s the sort of game that will likely trigger the anti-Second Amendment crowd who have become conditioned to hating on guns in America following numerous gun massacres over the years.

In Samurai Punk’s game the gun is god, and the American citizen worships the gun for all that it can and should be used for in everyday life. I imagine there are people running to their safe spaces at the mere concept of such a game.

The American Dream - 'Till Death Do Us Part

What’s really interesting here is that The American Dream takes place in a completely alternate reality where all the people and the seemingly organic life are represented as shooting gallery cardboard cutouts.

It’s as funny as it is disturbing, given that everyone is a target… even babies.

The American Dream - Shooting Babies

This game is going to trigger so many people, all because Samurai Punk can see that the future is bright with the muzzle flash of patriotism.

You can look to purchase The American Dream: Live Your Life With Guns over on the Steam store… this is assuming it can release and stay on the store without getting removed by triggered snowflakes.


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