Ash Of Gods: Redemption Gameplay Walkthrough
Ash of Gods Redemption Gameplay Walkthrough

Aurumdust’s Ash of Gods: Redemption has already managed to secure itself a niche audience upon release. The non-linear, isometric RPG takes a grim and uncompromising route through the world of fantasy and wonder. For gamers looking for a basic walkthrough guide to help get them started in Ash of Gods: Redemption, you’ve come to the right place.

YouTuber Casual Highlights has a series of videos covering the early goins of Ash of Gods: Redemption, which you can check out below.

The game starts with a cinematic featuring Hopper Rouley and the rest of the warriors battling against some Reapers who are there to claim lives. Rouley is injured before he can complete the process to prevent the reaping from happening. Rouley finds himself returning seven hundred years later to prevent another reaping from taking place.

At the start of the game you’ll encounter three bandits and learn how to utilize the game’s turn-based combat system, which is basically identical to Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga. You’ll have squares on the ground, with the blue squares indicating where the selected character can move, and the red squares showing where they can’t move.

Once you select an attack from the attack bar at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a highlighted mark if you can use a skill or attack against the enemy. Dots on the ground will indicate the direction of the attack.

Again, it’s all really simple stuff, not unlike what’s featured in The Banner Saga.

You can also learn more about an enemy’s status by right clicking on them after highlighting them with the left mouse button.

You can also either walk directly toward an opponent or use the skill menu to travel the board to carry out the attack.

Once the battle ends Hopper will talk to Amma, and they will explain that they are Umbra, but they choose to fight on behalf of the humans, despite the Reapers being able to kill them with ease.

During the first major choice in the game, you can choose to give Gleda Brenin’s mother and Thorn Brenin’s wife a clothing, jewelry or ponder off about Mact visiting.

Ash of Gods Redemption - Mother's Gift

You can talk to Gleda, who will be more interested in fencing and finding ways to heal her mother than finding a gift.

The bell tolls, and death treads in the wake of the Reaper’s gaze.

Bodies and blood soil the once fervor-drenched marketplace; now a grave for shoppers and grifters.

Dorpkhal the Reaper will talk to Thorn – you can ask him to spare your family or declare that you’ll live a bit longer. Dorpkhal will say that the reaping will start with the Brenin family.

After the sequence with the Reaper Thorn and Gleda will encounter some thugs. You’ll also be able to use the battle cards for the first time.

The cards have various abilities and status effects that you can use to dish out against foes.

After the battle with the thugs and a dialogue sequence involving Tenner and the death of Thorn’s wife, you can talk to Gleda and Tenner before exiting.

Talk with some of the others in order to proceed toward the next segment at the marketplace in front of the gate. You can attempt to break through the gate and attack the crazed villagers. You’ll be able to choose six people to head into battle as your party. You’ll also have five cards.

If you go with characters that have long range weapons you can use them at the rear guard during battle and have them attack while your melee characters tank up front.

Much like The Banner Saga, you can choose the positioning of your party members at the start of the battle. It might be wise to put your long range characters just out of harm’s way and use them to pepper enemies that engage your melee characters.

Once you get done dispatching the enemies you’ll be able to pass through the Reaper’s seal and get proceed to the next stage.

When you complete that batttle you’ll unlock the ability to travel across the map – Thorn will want to travel to menhir. You’ll be able to choose your route on the way there – Thorn will want to get to a sacred stone to heal his daughter of the curse.

The nearest menhir is north – there are several routes to take to reach menhir. If you take the watchtower route you’ll encounter more bloodthirsty bandits and engage them in armed combat.

Ash of Gods Redemption - Map

Keep in mind that the more you take certain characters into battle, the more proficient they become. So you’ll need to level up certain characters wisely to ensure that they’re properly balanced.

Thorn and Gleda are going to be your two strongest melee fighters, with Gleda being able to kill many of her foes with a single strike. Remember, unarmored foes die quicker, and it’s best to kill them as quickly as possible to limit their ability to stack damage.

At the Watchtower you’ll find Stein there after finishing off the bandits. Stein, too, suffers from the mark.

You can attempt to bring Stein along but he’ll decline.

One highlight of the watchtower route is that Krieger will be able to direct you to a nearby burial site that has strix – you can extract the strix to help keep you alive from succumbing to the reaping.

Ash of Gods Redemption – Gleda

You’ll eventually encounter the Enses – on your way to the menhir. Choose your setup wisely so that you can make the most of the scenario. Flitt will race forward ahead of everyone else to attack the Enses and will be struck down immediately. You’ll lose your archer.

The Enses rely on melee weapons, so it might be best to focus your attacks on defensive counters.

Some of them will be able to utilize magic attacks, so keep that in mind as you battle.

You can alternate between using Thorn and Sieger to guard and block the bridge path, while the others attack from behind.

If you wisely use your defensive measure and use Brett to take long range shots you can kill them rather easily. Also, be sure to focus on one Ense at a time so you can easily take them out one by one.

When you finally reach the menhir you can talk to Ramlin and the lone survivor. You can talk to Ramlin – tell him to keep his locket, which has a strix in it. Ramlin will join your team and he will have some magic cards that he brings with him.

Ramlin explains that some of his cards are broken but can be repaired by collecting shards. If you chose to save the mutilated woman at the village, Ramlin will be able to deliver the baby.

The monk – and sole survivor – will reveal that the menhir has been corrupted. The monk, Vai, will join your team.

You can outfit your team with upgrades and skills by resting at the watchtower before proceeding onward.

This will complete the first chapter.

The second chapter will switch to Frisia, Wodan.

You’ll take on the role of Lo Pheng, a member of the Shadow Clan and skilled warrior who has been trained in the arts of becoming a Reaper Hunter.

Yes, Lo Pheng is a bona fide badass.

Ash of Gods Redemption - Lo Pheng

It’s a dire shame we don’t get more characters like Lo Pheng in games. Anyway, after the initial discussion with the count, a prisoner named Reet will attempt to talk to Pheng. She will inform Lo Pheng that the temple guard is a Reaper.

You can choose to acknowledge Reet or ignore her. Keep in mind that Reet plays a very important role later in the game, so if you choose not to help her it will work against you later in the game.

During the execution ceremony the temple guard will indeed turn into a Reaper.

Your best offense is to get in as close as possible to the Reaper and kill him as quickly as possible. If you kill the Reaper all of the guards will die.

Chapter 2 will end and Chapter 3 will begin, putting you back into the role of Hopper Rouley.


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