Attack On Titan 2 Cheats Can Freeze Timer, Give You Infinite Health, Gas
Attack on Titan 2 Cheats
(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)

Koei Tecmo’s Attack On Titan 2 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The third-person action-adventure title sees players taking on the role of a cadet in the soldier corps fighting against giant invading Titans. The game loosely follows the story presented in the anime based on the same name, and has players slicing and dicing their way through plenty of giant naked men. Well, if you’ve been having trouble slicing through the dangling limbs of dress-code violating dudes, there are some cheats to help you out.

You can download the free cheat trainer right now from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The free trainer works with the U.S., Asian, and European versions of Attack on Titan 2. You’ll gain access to the following cheats:

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Gas
  • Infinite Weapon Durability
  • Infinite Support Calls
  • Infinite Regiment Funds
  • Give All Materials
  • Infinite Battle Items
  • Infinite Horse Stamina
  • Freeze Timer

Now there are a few caveats for using the cheats. First of all, make sure you get the proper regional trainer. Not every trainer works with every build of the game. You can check your version of the game by going into the Steam client and clicking on properties or by checking the build through the launcher. If you have the Asia build, get the Asia trainer. If you have the European or North American build, get the North American trainer.

For the materials cheat, you’ll first need to activate the cheat and then go to the Regiment Store and enter the purchase window. Once you do that your resources should be refilled to 999, giving you infinite amounts of material for all materials. Go into your inventory to check the stats to make sure the cheat has worked.

You can see how the cheats work with the video demonstration below.

There’s also a second cheat trainer you can get your hands on. You can download the premium trainer from over on Cheat Happens.

This trainer has a few more options that are not present in the Mr. Antifun trainer, as you can see below:

  • Unlimited Escape Time
  • Unlimited and All Materials
  • Unlimited Gas
  • Unlimited Blade
  • No Teammate Cooldown
  • Freeze Mission Timer
  • Super Damage
  • Unlimited Eliminations
  • Unlimited Consumables
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Change Money
  • XP Multiplier
  • Infinite Horse Stamina
  • Low Titan Alert
  • Unlimited Smoke Signal
  • Super Speed
  • Slow Motion

Now here you can see that the trainer allows you to manipulate things like unlimited escape timer, which is great for those moments when you feel like you just don’t have enough time, or the constant slow motion for when it’s time to perform precision attacks on the Titans. The low Titan alert is also interesting because it means that you won’t draw attention to yourself from the Titans quite as much as before… almost like anti-aggro.

Attack on Titan 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and on Steam for PC.

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