Attack On Titan 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

Koei Tecmo’s Attack On Titan 2 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The new game features a customizable character creation suite, all new cinematics, and greatly improved gameplay over the original Attack On Titan. If you’re in need of a gameplay walkthrough guide to help you with a few of the starting missions, there’s one available.

YouTuber Shirrako has a complete gameplay walkthrough playlist featuring 15 videos that covers all of the core missions and the cinematics. Whether you have the game on PS4, Xbox One or on Steam for PC, it should give you a sound understanding of how to complete certain missions and how to perform certain tasks. You can check out the walkthrough below.

Attack On Titan 2 Controls

You’ll have to start with the Story Mode before you can unlock and access Another Mode.

Once it gets done loading the Story Mode, an intro cinematic will play.

The Female Titan will run through the city.

You’ll be put into the role of a a mysterious soldier.

Make your way through the city using the left analog stick to control the character and use Square button on the DualShock or the ‘X’ button on the Xbox controller to fire the anchor.

Press ‘X’ on the DualShock to jump, or press ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to jump. You can jump and fire the anchor into objects to swing around like Spider-Man. You can always anchor into every object, but you can air jump while anchored by tapping the jump button again while you’re in the air.

You can also perform boost jumps by running alongside walls and jumping off to gain some extra speed.

You can use the right analog to aim the camera around to direct the anchor. Press in the right analog to reset the camera.

Press the right bumper to switch into combat mode and press Triangle on the DualShock (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller) to fire an anchor into the highlighted target. You can use the left analog to circle your locked on target and press ‘X’ on the DualShock (or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller) to boost.

You can also head straight toward a target by not moving the left analog stick. This will put you in a direct line toward the locked-on target. You can then press Triangle on the DualShock (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller) to do a quick attack before you make contact.

When you press the right bumper and lock onto a target, use the right analog to cycle through the body parts and attack those parts. If you are fighting multiple Titans, press in the right analog stick to cycle targets.

It may take some time to get familiarized with the controls, but once you learn the basics you’ll be able to start taking down the Titans with ease.

Another cinematic will play once you reach the Female Titan again.

The game then sets up the story around the the anonymous soldier who joined the 104th Cadets program, along with Eren, both of whom wanted to get revenge against the Titans. After another loading screen, a short cinematic plays and then you’re brought to the character creation screen. You can choose between a male or female character.

Attack on Titan - Character Creation

Attack On Titan 2 Character Creation

You start with a basic character template, and after choosing the basics you’ll be brought back to the main game. The basics only include your name and voice.

Later on you’ll be able to customize the finer details of your character, including their hair, eyes, accessories, nose and mouth.

YouTuber GadgetGirlKylie showcases how you can modify your character by heading into the barracks after the cinematic ends, and then going into your private room. From there you’ll be able to edit your character in full detail by going over to the wardrobe.

Inside the character creation suite you’ll be able to modify the body, their hair, eyes, pupils, eyebrows, nose, head shape outline, the mouth, skin, innerwear, jacket, boots, glasses, and voice.

You can use the default prefabs to select a basic item and then use the customization sliders to further refine your character.

However, before you can get to the barracks, you have to learn all the basic moves, combat tactics and how to utilize the omni-directional mobility gear, also known as the 3DGear.

The tutorial will guide you through a series of movement and control exercises. Your objective is to go through the obstacle course and take out as many cardboard Titan cutouts as possible before time runs out.

The better you do during a mission the more you’re rewarded. Higher rewards garner you additional experience points. Going on more missions with certain teammates will also raise the experience levels that they gain as well.

Once you complete the tutorial you’ll be taken to the barracks where you can talk to the NPCs, pick up missions, and customize your character by going into the private room.

You can increase your affinity with certain NPCs by also talking to them and encouraging them.

Being nice to them raises the bar, which makes them look a lot more delectable for taking them with you on a mission.

Follow the glowing exclamation points on the map to engage in the designated points of interest. This is also where quests will be doled out.

Talk to Armin, then talk to Berholdt, and then talk to Eren to prep for the night mission.

Marco will ask you what you should do after they run out of gas and blades, you can suggest for the team to resupply first by going to the resupply point and building a base.

You reach the base, press the Circle button on the DualShock to rebuild the base (or press ‘B’ on the Xbox controller). Once the base is rebuilt, proceed to press Triangle (or ‘Y’) to refuel and resupply.

You’ll also learn about team maneuvers, which you can pull off by pressing the left bumper and using the directional pad to command one of your other four teammates.

Proceed to rebuild the bases and destroy the training dummies to complete the mission.

Another cinematic will play, and then it will reveal that three years have passed and your character has graduated from training.

Head into the soldier’s office to talk to Mina and Thomas to rank up their friendship. Like most typical Japanese properties, they put a lot of value in friendship and socialization, which is a foreign concept in the West.

Anyway, as you talk to the NPCs you can unlock short side-stories that will also raise the affinity with certain NPCs. If you talk to Jean in the mess hall he’ll agree to give you some tips on using the ODM gear to further raise your affinity with him. When you’re ready to start the next mission, go into the mess hall and talk to Eren.

You can also equip additional blades by gathering materials.

In the store you can purchase different blade types, canisters, and mobility gear, or you can reinforce and upgrade the current gear that you have.

You can acquire materials during missions or purchase them from the store.

Once you’re ready to start getting down and dirty, talk to Keith and he’ll assign you to your next mission… in Trost.

You’ll finally get to start battling Titans.

Proceed to cut off the arms so that the Titans cannot grab you. If they do manage to grab you, rapidly tap Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to break free.

If you take damage then use up on the digital pad to use some of the healing supplies.

Attack On Titan 2 - Eren Faces Colossal Titan

Take out the remaining Titans to complete the mission. For additional bonus objectives you can attempt to perform an evasive dodge, but it’s tricky to pull off.

The next mission involve adding some people to your team and taking out the Titans.

You’ll also learn how to pull off sneak attacks using the right trigger from a distance and manually locking onto a target.

Proceed through the Trost district and take out the Titans in the area just until a side mission pops up. These will appear occasionally where you can choose to help out… or not.

In order to unlock certain restocking stations you’ll have to clear out the Titans from around the area.

Once the Titans are cleared out then you can use it to resupply and restock your equipment.

The next task is to eliminate the boss, the Large Titan. You’ll have to cut him down to size and whitte his life down before you can destroy him completely.

Once the Large Titan is defeated the cinematic will play where Mina is killed, along with Thomas. Eren gets his leg bitten off and then has his left arm amputated by the teeth of a Titan before being swallowed.

Attack On Titan 2 - Armin Watches Like A Coward

Talk to the others while at the makeshift camp to start the next mission.

Chapter 1 – Episode 3

Take out the rest of the Titans and help the Garrison Corp.

There are a bunch of small Titans around the area you can wipe out along with another teammate you can add to your team of Bertholdt, Reiner and Annie.

Remember that side-missions featuring teammates in peril have a limited amount of time and if you don’t reach them in time they will die.

Make your way toward Marco and the Large Titan at the quest marker. This will trigger a cinematic involving a rampaging Abnormal Titan. This will open up a new mission where you’ll need to kill the abnormals and keep the citizens safe while the evacuation timer counts down. Instead of just randomly attacking Titans, focus on the Titans who are targeting the civilians.

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