Bandai Namco Shows Off New God Eater 3 Gameplay Footage
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2018)

Bandai Namco has released a new video showing God Eater 3 in motion. The company announced that the JRPG will be available for PC via Steam and PS4, however no official release date has been confirmed yet.

Fans of the God Eater series of games will have yet another title to look forward to in the form of God Eater 3. The game was previously announced and teased before during the late part of 2017, but it seems that Bandai Namco wanted to treat gamers and fans to more footage recently.

Furthermore, the God Eater 3 showing came in via the 8th anniversary event held in Japan, which Bandai Namco’s 876TV channel features some of the event through a three hour long video.

Something worth noting is that an “Early Hands-on and Joint Development Summit” for the JRPG will kick-off at Bandai Namco Mirai Kenkyuaho starting on April 28th and will end on April 30th.

In addition to said event, the curious will learn more about the sign-up and apply session over on the official website sometime soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the new footage that shows gameplay highlights of the “engage battle system” and the use of new weapon types — Dual Blades and Ray Gun — against an Aragami called Anubis. The footage starts at 31:58 and end at 55:30.

If you don’t know, back in 2017 we learned from the official description for God Eater 3 that a lot of time has passed, insofar that it has been years since the last battle. Additionally, Earth is no longer the place that it used to be, but now a place with numerous Aragami causing “misery.”

The God Eaters now hone a new version of the God Arc weapons. These weapons are special implants powered by Aragami cells that allow God Eaters to take down new forms of Aragami.

Surely, more information will come forth from Bandai Namco on this game, but for now you can learn more about God Eater 3 by heading on over to

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