Battletech Video Covers Upgrading Mechs, Pilot Events, Resource Management

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes released a new trailer for the upcoming strategy mech game, Battletech. The trailer covers the “basics” of the game so that players have a basic understanding of what they’re going to be in for when they step onto the battlefield with multi-ton mechwarriors.

The video doesn’t waste any time at all getting right into the good stuff. It explains right off the bat that Harebrained Schemes wants more out of Battletech than just a standard-fare, run-of-the-mill strategy game with giant mechanical mercenaries blowing each other to bits on the battlefield.

The video explains that there are two defining gameplay loops in Battletech: The mech commander mode where you’re in combat, and the management mode where you’re outfitting and tactically organizing your crew, gear, tech, and equipment.

Battletech - Mech Customization

Battletech - Ship Upgrades

The game has a fairly steep strategic meta game, where you can pick up information and crew details from the barracks, or get mission info from the command center, or upgrade your ship and tactical artillery from the engineering section.

There’s an interpolation of commander management between the actual combat missions, forcing players to have to think about how they setup their squads and how they approach missions before they get onto the ground. This creates an upper level of strategy where players will have to keep flexing that pinkish-gray matter between the bone dome in order to make money, upgrade your ship, upgrade your mechs, and avoid getting wiped.

You can see how it all comes together with the developer video below.

The mission setup is similar to the XCOM games, insofar that you’ll have a number of contracts available that vary in difficulty and payout.

There are a variety of mission types as well that play to the strengths or weaknesses of different player strategies. For instance, some missions are seek and destroy, others are retrieval missions, some are about acquiring supplies, while others are about escorting or protecting cargo.

There are different missions across different star systems, and as you upgrade your ship you’ll be able to fly out further and take on higher level tasks.

There will also be procedural events that take place throughout your journey, including interpersonal conflicts between your crew, ship malfunctions, pilots being wounded, resource scarcity, and the fine balance of maintaining and keeping your mechs operational.

You can look for Battletech to launch for PC in April. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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