Black Future ’88, Synth-Punk Co-op Shooter Coming Soon To Steam
Black Future 88

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Super Scary Snakes announced that Black Future 88 is currently set to arrive soon on Steam.

If the title didn’t give away the fact that the game is themed after a cyberpunk dystopia, the reveal trailer certainly does. You can check out the synth-punk animations and co-op gameplay in the trailer below.

So the basic gist of the story is that after the bombs dropped and the world turned into crap, some manly looking black chick turned into a hero, a few cyberpunk-inspired survivors decided to fight for survival, and some people seem to have achieved the ability to teleport.

According to the Steam page, the nuclear holocaust was executed by someone named “Duncan”, an architect of a towering ziggurat. The remaining survivors of the 1988 holocaust decided to band together (or go it alone) and fight their way to the top of the tower. Not everyone will survive the ascension, but all of them sure as heck will try.

Black Future 88 – Cinematic

Black Future ’88 features five playable characters, each with their own buffs, weaknesses and skillsets. You’ll have to climb up an evolving, procedural tower that features rogue-like elements.

Also, the game borrows from the Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s Crank, putting players in the role of characters whose hearts are failing. You’ll have to choose wisely how you buff (or curse) your character as they race against the clock to scale the tower and kill Duncan.

The developers describe the game as a survival-challenge experience where everything is trying to kill you, from violent guards to massive Wardens armed to the teeth – and everything else in between – players will have to match wits and reflexes with the ever-changing, ever-evolving tower of death.

Along the way you’ll have the thumping analog-driven musical sounds of Tremor Low to help keep your heart racing while your character’s heart is about to explode.

There’s no release date on Black Future ’88 just yet but the game is expected to launch soon on the Steam store.


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