Bravo Team PSVR Gameplay Walkthrough
Bravo Team Gameplay Walkthrough

Supermassive Games seems to have a plethora of virtual reality titles filling up its portfolio recently. The company seems to be stratifying its line-up with a smorgasbord of variety. They’ve gone from a creepy B-movie horror game, to a procedural cop drama, and now they’re tackling first-person shooting with Bravo Team.

The PlayStation VR title is available right now for the PlayStation 4. If you picked up a copy you can check out a gameplay walkthrough for the rather short shooter courtesy of YouTuber Defaltz.

You can start the first mission by either doing the prologue or going into the first real mission on the bridge.

After a short cinematic intro where President Toma talks about being home in time for her daughter’s recital, the convoy is ambushed and President Toma is taken and assassinated by Muslims.

The good part is that Bravo Team has a full player model, and you have hands, arms and a full body. Thank goodness for Supermassive not being lazy. I hate disembodied hands, so I was quite excited to see that you have actual hands in the game.

The game doesn’t have traditional locomotion. You have preset movement locations yo9u can go toward. If you need to retreat press the Circle button. The gameplay is very similar to Time Crisis.

Take out the evil Islamic soldiers by playing whack-a-mole with them.

Use the cars as cover and pick off the enemies. After killing a few move up. Rinse and repeat until you get to the armored transport.

Keep firing on the enemies until the police helicopter comes in and gets shot down. Proceed to your left and make your way down the service access.

Head through the service area under the bridge and take out the evil Islamic soldiers.

Once you clear out the baddies, proceed through the maintenance area of the bridge until you reach the very end and come back up on the top side of the bridge.

Take out the enemies and then move up as soon as possible. Another armored transport is just up ahead. It won’t be shooting at you, though. Once you clear out the guys using it as cover, make your way to the next set of cars. Try to avoid using the open doors as cover because they’ll shoot you through the open window.

Reach the end of the bridge and you’ll then need to hop down off the bride into the construction site just down below.

The next mission allows you to perform stealth kills. Move up using the cover button and activate the knife icon to take down the enemies stealthily.

Once you break cover the baddies will flood out from their shadowy corners like rats fleeing from their holes to steal cheese crumbs from the table.

You’ll have to take out the enemies around the cars and then pick off the others from the balcony and windows.

The objective is to make your way through the street and up the stairs.

You’ll need to breach the door to head to the next level.

Proceed through the streets until you reach the fortified area where the enemy have setup armored carriers and sandbags.

Take them out from the above balcony to get the drop on them.

Clear out the area and then head down into the secure area where the carriers are located and take out the remaining soldiers.

Make your way across the street and up the alley past the cement mixer. Proceed through the tunnel and take out the enemies just in front of you. Clear a pathway toward the Revolutionary Plaza.

When you reach the plaza you’ll have to take on waves after waves of enemies.

When you clear enough of the out, proceed down into the plaza itself and firefight your way toward the statue.

A machine gunner nest will pin you down; you’ll have to race from cover to cover until you reach the ammo crate near the wall.

Take out the gunner to progress to the next area.

You’ll need to battle your way down the streets and across the crowded urban centers filled with brick and mortar.

Once you clear out the enemies there’s a alleyway off to the left that you’ll need to go down. There’s a door you’ll need to breach to proceed to the next level.

The pathway will lead Bravo Team out of an alley and toward a street that will take you to the police station. Eventually you’ll have to shoot your way to the rooftops.


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