Editorial: Could The Release Of Unique Indie FPS Games Spawn More Hybrid Games?

Usually when a popular or unique title hits the gaming scene it creates a ripple and we see spin-offs, rip-offs or games that draw inspiration from it. With that in mind, could we see more unique or hybrid indie FPS games spawn when games like Scorn, Atomic Heart, and DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.EXE launch?

First-person shooter indie games that sport unique or well made graphics and gameplay are sometimes hard to find, especially games made in 3D; a majority of indie titles are 8-bit style pixel oriented games. However, could we see more unique games come out the woodwork when titles like Scorn, Atomic Heart, and DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.EXE debut?

Ebb Software, the ones behind Scorn, expect to release their first-person shooter game with horror-survival elements sometime late this year for PC. The game is running on the Unreal Engine 4; the developers stated that they wanted to capture contextual puzzles, docile and hostile denizens, and different rules that could spell out death depending on what you do.

The game will release in two parts given its scope and will support VR, but graphically and mechanically the game achieves noteworthy designs and solid gameplay even though it’s made by a small team. You can be the judge of Scorn by watching its official trailers.

Another game that seems like it could cause a ripple in the indie FPS and VR scene is Mundfish’s Atomic Heart. The game in question is often referred to as the “Soviet Union version of Bioshock”, and features some pretty nice looking graphics in a unique world.

The basic premise of Atomic Heart tells a story of an alternate universe during the peak of Soviet Union, wherein a special agent named P-3 must solve a mystery after an unsuccessful landing on enterprise “3826”.

You can get a look at what Mundfish has in store for PC and VR goers by watch Atomic Heart’s two video trailers.

Most games that use a simple graphical design and contain a story that’s strange or unclear are oftentimes labeled pretentious, especially if it’s an indie game. Well, indie publisher and developer u̷n̸k̴n̶o̴w̶n̵  seeks to use that concept in DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.EXE… except they’re mixing SUPERHOT’s graphics with unique puzzles in a virus infested computer world.

Nothing is explained in the realm of DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.EXE, but that’s the point. Players must discover random events and adapt to firefights, swordplay, and strange puzzles without explanation.

The game has a free demo out for PC via Steam Early Access and is set to release on Steam “soon”. Videos by Nokzen and You Games sit below and show in-game footage of DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.EXE.

The question at hand is: will we see more indie FPS games try something different regarding puzzles, shootouts, weapon types, and gameplay if games like Scorn and Atomic Heart sell well enough?

You can find out more information on Ebb Software’s Scorn, Mundfish’s Atomic Heart, and u̷n̸k̴n̶o̴w̶n̵’s DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.EXE by hitting up the given links.


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