The Council – Episode 1 Gameplay Walkthrough And Choices
The Council Walkthrough

Focus Home Interactive and Big Bad Wolf’s The Council: Episode 1 – The Mad Ones is currently out and available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For gamers curious about making split-second decisions and need help with the gameplay, there are walkthrough guides available for The Council.

YouTuber Defaltz has a series of videos available that you can check out below, walking you through some of the defining choices you’ll make during the first episode of The Council.

The game starts with with the main characters tied to a chair. Sarah and Louis de Richet are being tortured by a certain Von Borchert.

The first major decision comes in the form of acting on your own or trusting your mother. If you trust your mother then she will pull a gun on Von Borchert and then Louis will knock him out from behind with a chair.

The dialogue is obviously designed for the characters to speak French because the English dubbing is quite awful.

Once you arrive at the island you can talk to the Duchess or the Priest.

After the intro dialogue you can choose from one of three classes, a Diplomat, Occultist, or a Detective.

Detectives are trained in examining their surroundings and asking questions. Diplomats are keen for avoiding conversational faux pas, and being able to eloquently speak their way out of a bind. Occultists are adept in manipulation and utilizing dialectical subterfuge to get what they want.

Choose a class that best suits your play-style and role-playing mannerisms.

During your examinations and conversations, “Opportunities” will arise. You’ll be able to quickly move around the screen to spot these opportunities and if you’re successful it will open up an additional pathway for Louis.

Each character has immunities and vulnerabilities. It’s up to you to review the information and discover what sort of ways you can manipulate the characters to do your bidding, or at least divulge the information that best suits your interests.

When you talk to the steward at the dock, you’ll be able to ask for your mother’s handkerchief. Depending on your class and your skills, you’ll be able to retrieve it from him or let it slide.

Head over to the letter box on the edge of the pier and you can read the letter as a way of searching for clues for Louis’ mother.

The letter will reference You Manuel Godoy – you’ll need a point in politics in order to remember who he is. Otherwise Luis will claim he can’t remember.

You’ll need skills in the study of language to understand some of the more foreign languages, letters, and iconography to decipher them. However, for environmental clues and mysteries, the Detective skills can come in handy.

Once you get done examining the clues, head up to the manor.

The first thing you’ll do once you get into the mansion is to persuade Piaggi to entrust you with the envelop.

You’ll have three chances to risk a blunder before the Confrontation fails or succeeds.

If you tell Piaggi that Sarah has been at the mansion for several weeks. You will get a green check.

If you have Diplomacy or Occultist skills you can use those conversational skills to convince Piaggi. Otherwise if you tell him that Louis and Sarah work together in a secret society you will fail that point in the Confrontation.

Piaggi will ask if he can trust Louis. Tell him that only Piaggi knows if he can trust Louis. This will succeed and move on to the the next step of the Confrontation. Piaggi will ask he can trust that Louis will give the letter to Sarah, tell him “Yes” and it will successfully complete the Confrontation.

When the dialogue ends, take the book by Plutarch on the table. At the end of the gallery of paintings at the end of the room there’s a table with a Devil’s Horn on it. This will enable you to see some of the weaknesses and immunities for some of the guests.

The next big choice comes in the form of choosing to either talk to George Washington or choosing to speak to Sir Holm.

If you choose to talk to Sir Holm, you’ll be able to take advantage of the conversation if you have points in the politics class.

If you choose to talk to Holm, there’s a woman who begins to hyperventilate. You’ll be able to use detective skills to monitor Elizabeth Adams’ condition.

During the opportunity segment, examine Elizabeth’s broach on her dress. Piaggi will address Louis and ask him about the broach – if you have points in the occult you’ll be able to understand what Piaggi mentions.

During the conversation when Holm talks about Elizabeth Adams with George Washington, be sure to quickly examine Washington’s lips to notice his discomfort at the mention of Elizabeth Adams. Likewise be sure to examine Holm’s lips to gain an opportunity about the host.

When you enter into the room you’ll have the choice of opening Piaggi’s letter. If you have skills in subterfuge you can read the letter without breaking the seal.

If you choose to open the letter it will contain a list of names, just as Piaggi mentioned.

If you examine the book shelf in Louis’ room there is some carmelite water you can take to help with your focus during conversations.

In between segments you’ll be able to level up Louis’ skills as well as assign him manuscripts to study.

After vision sequence, you’ll be able to retrieve a key from Lord Mortimer.

There’s also another devil’s horn on the desk under the painting.

George Washington will knock on the door. Let him in and he’ll ask you if you remember Elizabeth. If you choose to say yes, Washington will ask you for help – you can choose to either help Washington or investigate your vision.

The Council - Help Washington

If you choose to help Washington you’ll need to delay Elizabeth by heading to the small salon.

If you reach the room, Piaggi will request for you to help Elizabeth, who is supposed o be the dead daughter of John Adams.

If you let Elizabeth get beat up by Jacques Peru she will get pummeled. Many MGTOW will be happy to see that.

However, if you rescue Elizabeth she will run away – Jacques will threaten Louis. You can punch Jacques and it will impress him, because he’s a real man and relishes the good might of the fighting spirit. If you have skills in psychology you’ll also be able to play on his dislike of women during the Confrontation. Finally, if you convince him that he’s shaking and that he does not want to fire his pistol, you’ll win the confrontation.

The Council - Push-Up Bra

If you’re successful, you’ll come out of the Confrontation unscathed. Additionally, Elizabeth Adams’ broach will fall and you’ll be able to retrieve it.

When you leave the salon and go talk to George Washington, he’ll express disappointment for not having enough time to gather information – assuming you saved Elizabeth. Washington will have discovered that Elizabeth is indeed the daughter of Vice President John Adams.

On your way back to the room Piaggi will intercept Louis and ask for the letter back. If you’ve opened the letter then he will be angry with Louis and storm off.

The next morning, you’ll find some water just outside, along with a few other items on the balcony. Inside the room there’s a book on the shelf put back the wrong way around.

The Council - The Dutchess Lingerie

If you also examined the lemon tree just outside the room, Louis will deduce that his mother left him a secret message in the book using the quill pen and the lemon juice.

Go by the fireplace and take the ash.

Use the key you recovered from Lord Mortimer on the small locked chest. You’ll recover amber fragments and a note.

Head back into the other room and tank the ink.

Go back outside and take a lemon off the lemon tree.

Do not use the ink, lemon juice or ash on the book page

Take the candle from the nightstand and use it on the book page. This will reveal the message.

If you move through the hallways there’s a guide on one of the stands through the corridor leading to the stairwell. You can take the book.

The Council - Elizabeth's Room

You can also head into and examine Elizabeth’s room.

You can use Lord Mortimer’s key on the chest on the floor. Inside is a letter – if you have points in the Occult for deciphering languages, you’ll be able to read it and find out that it’s part of an exorcism.

Examine the crystal salts on the table to uncover an immunity.

There are also a collection of letters scattered about the room. Feel free to read them to gain some insight into the family affairs of Elizabeth Adams.

Once you get done you can head downstairs to the first floor.

There’s also an alternative playthrough with completely different options that YouTuber Rob Cram went through for the first episode of The Council.

You can check out the multi-part walkthrough below.


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