Detroit: Become Human Release Set For May 25; Cage Acknowledges Game’s Controversy
Detroit Become Human - Release Date

David Cage announced that the release date for Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human as May 25th, 2018 for the PlayStation 4.

The announcement came courtesy of a post by Cage himself on the PlayStation Blog. The writer and director of Detroit: Become Human spent the post explaining what you do in the game and the three characters you play, including Connor, Markus and Kara.

Later on in the post Cage acknowledges the game’s media controversy that kicked up over themes based around child abuse and Black Lives Matter, both which caught the ire of certain groups for different reasons. Cage wrote…

“This game may be seen as controversial as it explores a number of sensitive topics that some people may consider inappropriate or taboo for video games, but maybe this is the most fascinating aspect of Detroit. We hope that it sparks some meaningful conversations and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think about it.”

Plenty of gamers have expressed their disappointment with the game’s aim to appease the Intersectional Inquisition.

But what the player’s think is separate from certain other agitators who claimed that Quantic Dream was a “toxic” place to work and fostered racism and sexism. David Cage denied these claims, but the news spread far and wide enough to cause the Parisian Council to investigate curbing funds for certain studios.


Regardless of all the controversy, Cage used the post to play up the game’s enhanced graphics engine that the engineers overhauled for the studio’s first major new IP for the PlayStation 4. Graphically the game looks decent enough, and the picture above almost looks like a dead ringer for Scott Glenn from Sword of the Ninja, Training Day and Daredevil.

Anyway, the game is a choose-your-own-adventure title like every single one of Quantic Dream’s other titles. If you plan on picking up the game, it launches May 25th for the PS4.


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