Distortions Gameplay Walkthrough
Distortions Gameplay Walkthrough

Brazilian developer Among Giants has released Distortion, a musically-inclined adventure game starring a young girl who must come to terms with her tragic past and lost memories. You’ll have to use music to help shape the world around you. The game is designed around modular gameplay based on the story’s “rhythm”… or so the press release says. For gamers who picked up a digital copy of Distortions, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available for you.

YouTuber TheBlueDragon has a walkthrough guide covering the game from beginning to end via a nine video playlist. You can check out the walkthrough for Distortions below.

The start of the game features a chick having to run through some falling bridges, falling rocks, and a platform. Press ‘W’ to run forward and press ‘Space’ to jump.

There’s a series of segments where you’ll have to run or jump through various obstacles as fragmented memories.

Another mechanic involves playing the violin, which is done with the mouse button. Use ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ to play the violin.

The intro sequence will attempt to setup what you’ll need to do to traverse the world and wake up the monster. Basically, it involves collecting and remembering all the songs on the violin.

After a short cinematic you’ll end up as the girl in a room.

Run around the room until the wall on the northwest corner breaks apart. Go through the tunnel until you reach the shattered building.

First run straight ahead into the next room and then turn to your left and run to the end of the hall until you reach the tunnel.

Climb out of the shattered wall by pressing ‘Space’.

You’ll make yourway outside on a bridge of strings.

Make your way across the broken bridge to get the violin bow.

On your way back across the bridge the world will shatter and you’ll end up on a road. Run down the road toward the car in the distance.

Distortions - Violin Bow

Proceed down the pathway toward the glowing light. The light is a journal. You can read the journal by pressing ‘J’ on the keyboard.

Continue up the pathway until you reach the red flag by the stone altar.

Once you finish reading the journal, head back across the pathway from whence you came.

Your next objective is to find more journal pages.

You’ll reach a segment with a crackling ground. The objective is to avoid the heavy cracks. When you reach the end you’ll need to run using ‘Shift’ to get past the falling tunnel segment.

Congratulations… you just completed the tutorial.

As the title screen comes up, continue to run across the platform moving to the left of the screen.

Keep heading along the pathway until you reach another journal page. As you make your way through the a rocky area you’ll be able to go through a glowing area where a shrill noise will be emanating from a small pong between some rocks. A violin is there. Take it.

The screen will distort to black. Run down the hallway until you reach the apartment.

Go look at the photos on the table.

Once you get the violin, you’ll learn how to play the violin.

Use the left mouse button to bring out the violin. Use ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘D’, and ‘Space’ to play music.

Follow the instructions to play the notes as depicted on-screen.

As you play along with the music you’ll change the world around you.

After playing the tune you’ll be transported back into the distorted world. Make your way through the tunnel, take the piece of paper and scale down the cliff.

Distortions - The Guitar and the Violin

There’s another pathway that opens up – just down the long bridge there’s a fallen over tree; it’s white. Head over to the tree and scale down to get the journal page.

You won’t be able to get back up, but there’s a small dark cave just off to the right of the journal page. Go inside.

You’ll be transported to another location – a monochromatic cave. Follow the pathway through the dark tunnel until you reach the end.

There’s a little monster on the other side of the cave wall, you’ll see it running alongside you. Keep going until a cinematic plays that views the girl from the eyes of the monster. Keep moving to the right of the screen until it goes back to the over-the-shoulder view behind the girl.

Climb up the rocks and make your way across the ledge.

When you reach the end the monster will appear and attempt to give chase. Run to your left; run fast.

Don’t stop running!

The monster will chase the girl until you fall down after the ground crumbles beneath you. Continue run to your left until you reach another ledge. Climb up. You’ll acquire a white fruit, which you can consume by pressing ‘R’. It will restore your health.

You’ll end up back at the top of the ledge where the monster is located. DO NOT approach the monster. Instead there’s a pathway just below and to your right. Jump down to take the journal page.

Head around and it will lead you up to the music page.

You’ll unlock the song “Silence”.

Play the song by selecting it using the left mouse button. Play the music-rhythm section to enact silence on the monster. This will freeze it in place. Run past the monster and exist the cave.

Continue along the pathway – there are a few more journal pages that you can pick up off t othe right of the pathway while the girl goes into a soliloquy about her past life.

If you head into the next screen the girl will note that she’ll have to travel across the sea to reach the monster. There’s a raft she’ll have to access.

Head back into the previous screen and investigate the glowing item in the cave.

Follow the platforms over the water to reach the cave area and go inside.

Once inside, follow the ledges up to the top of the cave to take notes of the imprints on the wall. Exit the cave once you see them all. When you get out, climb up the rocks and hop down to take the journal page on the floating rock below.

Head back up through the cave to enter into an unstable rock cavern. Carefully jump across the platforms to avoid being squads by the falling rocks and make your way through the tunnel systems to get to the other side. Follow the light at the end of the tunnel until you reach the cave outlet where the monsters are residing.

Use the Silence song to protect yourself to get past the monsters and take the new song, Light.

You can use the Light song to literally light the way and illuminate the pathway through the dark caves.

You’ll need to proceed through the cave area where it’s pitch black and use the Light song to brighten the path so you can see where you need to go.

When you get across the ledge it will activate a horde of monsters – you’ll have to go deep into their lair. Keep using the Silence song to sneak through their lair and race toward the light and make your way across the dark ledge.

The monsters will continue chasing you, however.

You’ll need to use the light song so you can see the path in front of you. Head across the ledge toward the light. Now keep in mind when you reach the next segment the path will be blocked, even though the monsters will keep chasing you. The objective is to turn to the left and jump down the hole. This will allow you to escape from the monsters and retrieve a piece of fruit to heal yourself.

When you finally exit the cave head onto the path and then go to your left. There’s a bed with a page on it. Take the page.

You can save your game by resting under the rock crevice where the red flag blows.


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