Doodle Date Lets You Draw, Date, And Marry Your Own Drawings

Doodle Date

Nicholas Lives announced that Doodle Date is set to arrive on Steam starting April 19th. The visual novel will allow players to create their very own waifu or husbando, romance them, date, them, and even fall in love and get married. The best part about it is that whatever style of perversion you prefer from to exhibit through your fictional courtesans or beaus, you can do so without any restrictions or limitations imposed upon you by Steam.

The pitch for the game is that you can draw “everything” in Doodle Date. Everything from the characters, to the objects, to the environments. You’ll be able to setup and sketch out the doodles that will make up the artwork for the dating adventure.

Once you get done creating the images for the adventure you can then begin the process of romancing your doodles. You start by flirting, then by seducing, then by going on dates, and then progressing through the romantic pastures of your promiscuous portrayal of a pretty girl.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Doodle Date below to get an idea of what the gameplay and art options are like.

Now if you’re expecting something on the line of RPG Maker MV, or the visual novel makers, you’re likely barking up the wrong tree. According to Nicholas Lives, the game is designed to last around an hour long, give or take, and offer players something a little outside the norm when it comes to typical dating simulators.

I imagine this will also be used to skirt some of the typical boundaries set by most distributors when it comes to certain sexual acts or depictions featured in visual novels that either have to be censored or are banned from distribution on Steam.

I imagine the bigger selling point for a game like this will depend entirely on if the images that players create can be shared. A cost-effective, homemade dating sim with shareable doodles could give Doodle Date some long-legs in the sales space when it comes time for its release.

You can keep track of the game or follow the development by visiting the Doodle Date Steam store page. The do-it-yourself visual novel is expected to release on April 19th.

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