Far Cry 5 Gameplay Walkthrough
Far cry 5 Gameplay Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s highly controversy Far Cry 5 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One is a first-person shooter set in the fictional Hope County, located in Montana. There’s a gameplay walkthrough available for Far Cry 5 for gamers looking for a little help in getting through the open-world shooter.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a gameplay walkthrough guide for the game spanning more than a handful of videos. You can check out the gameplay below.

At the start of the game the hot chick explains that Project Eden’s Gate moved into Hope County and began buying up farmland, taking over the radio stations, the radio towers and the police stations.

Eventually the FBI catches wind of it and a U.S. Marshal is sent in with the local Sheriffs department to arrest Joseph Seed on conspiracy of kidnapping.

Alternatively, you don’t have to arrest Joseph Seed. Let the game sit for five minutes and don’t arrest him and the game will end and roll the credits as the Sheriff tells the Marshal and the deputies to leave the church.

Far Cry 5 - US Marshal

The Marshal goes in with the Sheriff and two Deputies (which includes the player-character.

The Sheriff tells the dispatcher that if they aren’t out in 15 minutes, call in the National Guard.

The Marshal and the police officers arrest Seed and take him away in a helicopter, but the helicopter crashes.

Father Seed tells the dispatcher that everything is fine, and she acknowledges Seed as “Father”, letting him know that the police force is part of his flock.

During the chaos where Seed’s men attempt to take the Marshal and the Deputies. The player-character manages to escape.

Proceed to sprint through the forest. Once you get far enough away a tooltip will appear letting you know that the NPCs can no longer see you.

Press ‘B’ on the Xbox One controller or Circle on the PS4 controller to crouch down and move through the forest stealthily to avoid detection.

Make your way through the road toward the cabin. Inside you’ll find the Marshal.

A short cinematic will play and then both the Marshal and the player-character will need to pull off a Resident Evil 4 and hold off the cultists from the cabin.

Wait for the Marshal to get the truck started.

Follow him into the truck and begin to shoot at the cultists from out of the truck’s window.

This is a scripted sequence but you still need to kill all the cultists in trucks and the enemies in the cars.

Aim for the drivers to take them out, as well as the gunmen in the trucks. Keep shooting and killing until you reach the bridge, and another cinematic plays where you’ll meet the army vet.

Far Cry 5 - The Veteran

Once he gets done talking he’ll tell you to change your clothes, which then opens up the game’s character customization menu.

There are eight default heads for the male and female characters. You choose your gender at the start of the game.

The eight default heads give you different skin shades. You can choose to either make your character lighter or darker with three additional skin shades after choosing one of the default heads.

You’ll also be able to choose from four different caps, four different pants, four different gloves, and a handful of shirts.

Once you get done customizing your character you’ll need to go talk to Dutch.

He’ll give you your first mission, which is to get a hold of a gun and map from the safe.

Take the map and the gun and Dutch will explain the four ways to take on Eden’s Gate.

You can rescue civilians, take over cult properties, complete side-missions or take over cult outposts.

There are a couple of cult members just outside of Dutch’s place on his island. You can either kill them and free the hostage or leave them be.

You’ll encounter a bunker that’s flooded.

Your main task will be to find a way to the boathouse, which is marked on your map with a nav point. Go inside the boathouse by jumping into the water and swimming up from the open area. Activate the power and then exit and make your way back over to the bunker.

Turn the valve to drain the water so you can access the stash. There’s a high-tech bow inside along with some gear and crafting materials.

Beyond this your next goal is to kill more cult members or take out the cult shrine on Dutch’s island.

There’s also a Ranger Station occupied by about three cult members, a white chick, a black chick, and a dude. As depicted in the video, you can shoot the white chick in the face with a bow to take her out silently, punch the black chick in the mouth and put her down for good, and stealthily incapacitate the guy.

You can continue liberating Dutch’s island by taking out the two cult members at the docks. If you do it with a bow they won’t know what hit them.

You can recruit and hire the hostage at the dock. You can use the left digital pad to give the NPC followers orders. Tap the button to give a direct order or hold down the left digital pad to have them follow you.

Head to the research station to take out the other cultists and then disable the radio tower to fully liberate the island.

You’ll then be introduced to the three main territories of Eden’s Gate, with Jacob, John and Faith Seed controlling the three main regions.

There’s a boat you can take to reach each of the regions. Dutch suggests starting with Fall’s End – freeing the city and taking over John Seed’s region.

In order to reach John Seed you have to liberate enough points of interests in the region. A progress bar will show how far you are to facing John. When you reach the isle you can free Boomer to add him to your team by taking out the cult members at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Fall’s End is about 2km away from the Pumpkin Farm, so it’s a long haul. You can stop and fight cultists in car battles or just drive toward the destination like Mad Max.

If you take enough damage,use the Triangle button on the PS4 controller or the ‘Y’ button the Xbox One controller to heal yourself.

While driving you can click in the left analog stick to auto-drive to your destination. Press the left trigger to brake and the right trigger to accelerate. You can shoot out the window using the left bumper.

You’ll have the option of freeing Mary May at Fall’s End. It’s a fairly large city with lots of cult members. A turret gun is on the roof opposite of where she’s being held hostage.

As you complete challenges you’ll unlock perks along the way. Once you kill the pilot and the rest of the cultists in the town, you’ll free Fall’s End.

Your next mission is called The Widowmaker, and you’ll pick it up by talking to Mary May. You can also play the Far Cry Arcade, which allows you to play the DLC.

To complete the Widowmaker mission head to the Grain Elevator.

You’ll be able to sneak into the grainery by heading around the back of the compound and taking out some of the patrolling guards.

There about seven cultists at the granary. If you want the warehouse key to get to the Widowmaker, you can actually avoid killing the cultists and sneak around to the tent area. You can lift the key by throwing rocks to distract the cultists and take the key off the table.

Head back to the warehouse and go inside to steal the Widowmaker from the cultists. It’s equipped with twin machine guns.

Don’t be shy in unleashing the hellfire of wrath on the uncouth who stand in your way.

You can shoot with the machine guns or you can use your equipped pistol to fire out of the window, just like in The Road Warrior.

Be a real man sometime and put a hole in the head of a cultist with that six shooter like you were living out the dream of a frontiersmen back when the law of the land was written in the blood of the criminally weak.

Bust through nine roadblocks and then drive all the way back around to Fall’s End to complete the mission.

You’ll also need to reach the Woodson Pig Farm, which is is quite a ways away.

Travel down the road toward the pig farm. There’s a hostage along the side of the road. DO NOT take a mercenary with you otherwise when you get out of the car to kill the cultists, the NPC will get in the car and roll over and kill the hostage. The NPCs are about as smart as contestants from The Bachelor.

When you get to the pig farm you’ll need to stealthily take out the cult. A bow is good for this segment because you can do so silently.

Once you free the farm it will move you one step closer to John Seed.

Far Cry 5 - Ubisoft Animations

There are a few other additional main missions: Destroying John’s convoys, retrieving a defector, and taking out the Revelator.

The Revelator is a giant tank road train.

Head to the blockade first and then make your way to the next checkpoint where the resistance members have setup a roadblock to stop the Revelator. It’s a giant modified semi that’s literally like the tanker from Mad Max: The Road Warrior.

You can use a nearby helicopter to blow up the Revelator or you can use some dynamite to throw it at the ground to blow up the tanker.

John will mark you. When you’ve been marked then a troop of NPCs will come after you. If you still have the helicopter it’s best to use it as a way to escape and kill your pursuers, otherwise John will run you off the road and capture you like the noob that you are.

Far Cry 5 - Confessions and Atonement

If you do get caught you’ll be introduced to another cinematic and baptized by John Seed.

During the transport you’ll be attacked by the black dude, who will free your weak, nooby behind.

This will start the next mission.

The Cleansing

Kill all the cultists and then talk to the black guy. He will give you another mission to find Find Merle.

You’ll simply need to make your way up the mountain and kill the cultists. Avoid the bombs dropping from the sky and then zipline across the mountain to the other side where you’ll encounter Merle, who is being held hostage near the fireplace.

For the next two minutes you’ll need to protect Merle until a helicopter comes in to rescue you. Kill all the runners who come across the bridge and up the side of the mountain.

There aren’t many men who came after you, so it’s not very hard.

Wait for the helicopter to land then press ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller or ‘Square’ on the DualShock to get into the helicopter after Merle gets inside.

Once the helicopter lands you’ll complete the mission.


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