Fear Effect Sedna Gameplay Walkthrough

Square Enix and Sushee Studios released the full version of Fear Effect Sedna for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Gamers interested in the game or need a little help with it, there is a gameplay walkthrough guide available for Fear Effect Sedna.

YouTuber CenterStrain01 covers the first Hong Kong Mission. You can check out the gameplay walkthrough below.

After a short cinematic, you’ll be put in control of Hana and Rain during a Hong Kong mission. The game is played from an isometric, top-down view. You use the left analog to control the charatcers.

Press in the left analog to enter into stealth mode. You can press ‘A’ on the Xbox controller (or ‘X’ on the DualShock) to perform a stealth kill on an enemy NPC.

If you enter into combat mode, you’ll be able to cycle through targets by locking onto them with the right analog stick. Simply squeeze the right trigger to shoot.

If you run out of ammo simply tap ‘X’ on the Xbox controller (or ‘Square’ on the DualShock) to reload manually. If you keep shooting while out of ammo, the character(s) will automatically reload.

You can press ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to dodge-roll out of the way, or press Circle on the DualShock controller. You won’t be invulnerable when you roll but you will take less damage.

You can also take cover behind objects by pressing ‘A’ on the Xbox controller, or ‘X’ on the DualShock.

You can swap between characters by pressing either the left bumper or right bumper. You can attempt to regroup the characters by pressing in the right analog.

Fear Effect Sedna - Combat

You can use your skills by pressing up on the digital pad. You can also switch skills by pressing left and right on the digital pad.

You can reduce the fear effect by using medical kits. To use a medkit simply hold down ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller or Triangle on the DualShock.

Since you can control more than one character at a time, you can use the back button/select button to bring up the tactical pause. This works very similar to Baldur’s Gate’s tactical pause where you could pause the game and issue commands to your party members.

While time is frozen you can issue commands to your squad mates or cancel commands by holding down the left trigger.

You’ll have to take out the enemies in the warehouse and then disable the bomb.

When Rain and Hana complete the bomb they’ll complete the mission and the infamous cinematic will play where the two lesbians lock lips in the elevator.

Fear Effect Sedna

Head into the apartment and watch the second cinematic. Examine the apartment by checking the desk, the computer and the rest of the apartment.

This will complete the Hong Kong mission and start the Paris mission.

You can check out the Paris mission below, courtesy of YouTuber PlayGames.

The mission starts with Rain on a rooftop. You can use stealth to avoid the guards who have a preset patrol. Their line of sight is indicated by a green cone on the ground. Make your way along the right side of the rooftop and take out the first guard.

Proceed to take out the remaining two guards and then make your way across the plank to enter into the control room. There’s a security puzzle you’ll have to complete by matching up the shapes.

Inside the control room you’ll need to create the shapes and match the patterns on the screen. You’ll need to align the three shapes as indicated in the image below, so that all the gray lines are green.

Make your way down the steps and take on the patrolling guard – be careful, though, there’s a second guard that’s nearby that you’ll also have to take out quickly.

The game will switch over to Deke.

You’ll need to walk around and eavesdrop on NPCs while delivering drinks to those with red exclamation marks over their head.

When you run out of drinks, you can refill the platter by walking over to the table with the drinks. Keep giving the NPCs drinks until you complete the segment.

You’l switch over to Hana, who must use stealth and hide behind the objects while trailing the group of npcs.

Wait for the group to walk away and for the lone guard to walk up – kill him and then wait for the second NPC guard to walk past. You can then kill them.

Take out the remaining guards and then make your way into the server room, which is just southeast from the control room. While inside the control room you’ll need to access the computer terminal.

You’ll have to enter the code to unlock the safe door. The safe code is: 481376

A shootout will occur once you unlock the door and enter into the room.

Play as Hana and Axel and kill the NPCs.

You’ll have to kill the enemy NPCs throughout the museum.

Fight your way across the rooftops and make your way up to Rain’s position.

Kill the guards on the roof top and then proceed to the shuttle to complete the Paris mission.

The next mission involves traveling to Greenland.

After another cinematic, use Hana to talk to the NPCs about the Inuit culture. Once you get done talking go over to the fire alarm and flip the switch to get the tourists out of the building. Access the door at the bottom left hand corner of the screen and use the control panel to move the book shelf across the room – the objective is to run with the book shelf as it blocks the visibility of the camera.

Activate the security puzzle and the objective is to open the pathway for the proper color coordinated icons.

Once inside, you’ll need to lower the security blocades and get to the switch so you can disable the first and second cameras.

Make your way through the rooms and avoid being spotted by the cameras; flip the switch to disable the camera.

Make your way through the first floor and take out the drones to get out of the facility.

Another cinematic will play.

The game will then switch over to Axel, who must fight some demon shadows.

You can shoot at the shadows to make them disappear. Make your way across the roof top and down the frozen-over truck. Go inside the building and access the computers. You’ll also fine the keys to the crane by the nearby terminal. Head back outside and go access the crane to move the crate over so it can crate a path for you.

Head back up on the platform and move across the red crate to get to the other side.


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