Fear Effect Sedna Now Available For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
Fear Effect Sedna

Square Enix and Sushee Games announced that Fear Effect Sedna is currently available for home consoles and PC for $19.99. The Kickstarted, isometric, stealth-oriented action-game continues the story of Fear Effect, sort of making it the replacement for the cancelled third game in the series.

One of the big promotional selling points of the game has been the lesbian romance between Hana and Rain, which has pretty much been a big focal point of the YouTube Let’s Play videos. The game sadly won’t be exploiting the lesbian aspect like the promo material for Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. Instead, they’ll be attempting to tell some sort of mature story about Rain and Hana’s lesbian love.

Anyway, the actual gameplay has been co-written by one of the original writers of the PSX games, but it has a decidedly strong focus on the Inuit mythology, with players taking on the roles of Deke, Glas, Rain and Hana across globe-trotting missions.

As depicted in the trailer above, long-gone are the stiff tank controls and fixed camera angles. This time around players will have isometric handling of their characters in a three-quarters view of the map.

The game will feature puzzle-solving, stealth segments, action-oriented shootouts, a plethora of violent deaths via cutscenes, along with hand-animated cutscenes to help expound on the story.

Phil Elliott, the director of indie publishing at Square Enix West and the Square Enix Collective division, commented in the press release that this will basically set the stage for the lead-in of Sushee’s re-imagining of the first Fear Effect</I. With Fear Effect Reinvented, saying…

“When we first discussed the concept of Collective, one of the things we had in mind was opening up older franchises to enable indies to pitch us ideas for them,”


“It’s great to see what Sushee has been able to do at this level with Fear Effect Sedna in bringing something new to Fear Effect universe – plus, it’s also led to Fear Effect Reinvented, so it’s exciting to see it all develop.”

Outside of the backers there have been a lot of mixed reactions to Fear Effect Sedna; some people don’t quite care for the voice acting; some don’t like the isometric gameplay; some like and some don’t like the whole lesbian love subplot; others seem to have mixed feelings about a new game being made in the series before Fear Effect Reinvented was released.

Either way, you’ll be able to play the game for yourself on PS4, PC, Xbox One, PC or Nintendo Switch if you wanted to add it to your collection. The game is available for $19.99. It might be wise to wait for reviews before diving head-first into the purchasing pit. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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