Firmament Trailer Teases Cyan’s Next Big 3D Puzzle-Adventure Game

Cyan, the makers of Obduction and the original Myst, have a new game on the horizon called Firmament. They obviously didn’t waste a lot of time after the release of Obduction to get back to work on something grand mystique.

A two and a half minute trailer was released recently to give gamers a small glimpse at what they can expect from Firmament, which seems to carry on Cyan’s tradition of being a first-person adventure-puzzle game.

You can check out the trailer below, which seems to keep the overall plot cloaked in mystery, other than that a fake Guilty Spark, known as the clockwork companion, is flying around in order to carry on posthumously what its master had intended for it to do.

The game seems to take place on a strange world basked in a snowy blanket of ice and cold, set during a steampunk era. The ending of the trailer indicates players will have to utilize some device to perform some unknown task to possibly open or activate a teleportation pod of some sort? There’s a mention about four realms but I have no idea what it all means, and the trailer doesn’t really want you figuring everything out on your own before you play it.

What we don’t have to figure out is that Cyan’s upcoming title will be designed for virtual reality headsets. It’s not surprising given that Obduction seemed to be designed to court the interest of VR enthusiasts, and Cyan appears to be carrying on that tradition.

If you enjoyed Obduction I imagine you’ll want to keep your eye on Firmament. If you don’t enjoy puzzle-heavy first-person adventure games, you might want to look elsewhere for your interactive entertainment needs.

You can learn more about Firmament by visiting the official website.


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