Flashing Lights Lets You Play As The Police, EMS And Fire Dept.

An upcoming PC game that’s set to hit Steam Early Access on May 18th comes that of publisher Excalibur Games and developer Nils Jakrins’ Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS.

Taking a look over to the indie scene, we have Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS, a game that isn’t graphically impressive but a title that offers a single-player and multiplayer emergency services experience.

The game sees you assuming the role of the police, emergency medical service (EMS) or the fire department. From here you will be able to take on “unique missions” and gain rewards in an open world environment.

“Flashing Lights is a single player and multiplayer emergency services simulator focusing on police, emergency medical services and the fire department.”

Car chases, treating life-threatening injuries, and putting out fires will be a thing, which each department has its own vehicles, equipment and abilities for you to master.

The world of Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS allows you to tackle incidents across a shared world. If you want to see a glimpse of this so-called shared world by the devs, two in-game videos show and explain the title in question below.

As noted above, the game graphically isn’t anything to write home about, however the concept of this indie game is seemingly interesting given that its a shared world where players can interact with tragic events in real time and address them as the police, EMS or the fire department.

Folks interested in this very game will be able to play an Early Access build during the mid-part of this year’s May. I’m sure more information on this game will come out ahead of its official PC via Steam Early Access release much like the March 1st dev dairy.

Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS will be available on PC and Mac. More details on this game can be accessed by visiting its Steam Early Access page or excalibur-publishing.com.