Fortnite Managed $1.5 Million In Four Days On iPhone Via Microtransactions
Fortnite Microtransactions
(Last Updated On: March 19, 2018)

Epic Games is monetizing Fortnite in any and every way possible, and according to the latest report from market analytics group, Sensor Tower, it appears the microtransaction train isn’t slowing down one bit.

In fact, the report indicates that during the soft-launch for Fortnite on mobile devices with invite-only access across 40 countries, Epic’s Battle Royale game racked up $1.5 million through in-app purchase in just under four days.

According to the charts, $1 million via microtransactions were logged within the first 72 hours.

As you can see, the nearest competitors, Knives Out and Rules of Survival, didn’t even come close to the revenue generated by Fortnite.

To be fair, there were a lot of cracked APKs going around for some of the Battle Royale clones, and there’s really no telling how this could have affected the data.

Additionally, Fortnite is coming off a lot of huge press and media attention, including having Millennial rappers like Drake play the game to attract the non-gamers, those who engage in thug culture, and those who don’t even know what Fortnite is.

The game has been rapidly growing in its market breadth ever since its release last year.

The Battle Royale genre is all the rage right now, and even Tencent Games is doing everything within their power to get a secure, international version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds up and out for iOS and Android devices.

More than anything this is indicative that the casual market and those who are die-hard fans of the Battle Royale genre have no impulse control whatsoever and are willing to continue to feed into the highly hazardous microtransaction model. While a lot of people have championed that consumers can choose to steer clear of microtransactions and to “vote with their wallet”, sadly, it appears in-app purchases and microtransactions really aren’t going anywhere. Too many people are too casual and too easily manipulated into spending money on the microtransaction market.

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