Frostpunk Will Cost $29.99; Dev Video Covers Despotism And Tough Choices

11 Bit Studios released a new four minute developer update video featuring more content and gameplay from the upcoming release of Frostpunk, which will launch at $29.99… when it’s ready.

Senior lead designer, Jakub Stokalski, walks gamers through some of the more core elements of Frostpunk’s mechanics, and a few of the “irreversible” decisions you’ll have to make in the name of survival.

As you move through the game and make decisions about how your society will evolve, you’ll unlock additional nodes on the skill tree, which then unlock new options for you to pursue when it comes to building your city.

It’s interesting because given how desperate the situation is in Frostpunk, people will be inclined to murder, thievery and selfishness for their own survival, which in turn leads to chaos. You can either stamp down on this with collectivist-style propaganda, which can eventually lead into despotism, or you can attempt to let the people police themselves, which may not turn out so great. You can see the video of the decision-making and consequences in action below.

The whole sociological experiment is compounded with the added infrastructure management that also must be maintained. You’ll need to balance how you utilize the heat from the reactor to keep the city alive and the fuel burning. You’ll have to balance how cold you’ll be willing to let people get to conserve on energy, or how hard you’ll have to push men, women and children to contribute to keeping the reactor online, even at the expense of child labor and the endangerment of youth.

The game is equal parts making difficult decisions for the sake of man’s survival and equal parts expanding the city to restore the glory of man.

There has been a lot of positive feedback for Frostpunk so far, so the game should hit the ground running when it finally launches on Steam at some point this year.

You can keep track of development and check out the latest updates from 11 Bit Studios by visiting the Steam store page.


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