Gamespot Whines About Far Cry 5 Portraying Conservatives As Good Guys
Far Cry 5

A recent Far Cry 5 preview from Gamespot discussed the gameplay, character creator, and the staff’s uneasiness about some of the “good guys” in the game. What was the issue? Well, apparently some of the “heroes” are Constitutional Conservatives. The staff encountered one NPC who was a far-Right, gun-totting, anti-Liberal Conservative, and it made them “uncomfortable”.

In the seven minute preview, a handful of Gamespot’s staff talk about how the gameplay in Far Cry 5 is fun, but they let their political bias show when it comes to how they feel about the political overtones of the game.

Far Cry 5 - Senator Hurk

One of the glasses-wearing staff members at Gamespot had a massive issue with an anti-Obama character featured in Far Cry 5. The Senate-hopeful named Hurk is one of the quest givers in the game, and he makes it known that he’s a far-Right Conservative, and amply despises former President Obama. In one clip the rocking-chair-sitting, AR15-wielding senior unabashedly says…

“If them Obama-loving libtards find out I can’t look after my own property, I can kiss this Senate run goodbye.”

In the video below, which received plenty of downvotes for the anti-Conservative undertones, Mike Mahardy, a video producer, comes out and says that if the game doesn’t lean into Liberal politics like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, he’s not going to enjoy the story much.

If you don’t feel like watching the video, Mahardy states…

“The closer we get to the game coming out, I’m actually getting more and more worried than I used to be. Because Far Cry is one of those franchises where even if it is more of the same – like what we were talking about earlier – I’m completely fine with that.


“With Far Cry 5, with having planes – there’s almost a little bit of vanilla Far Cry 2 stuff going on, as far as developing those allies: the sniper, the dog – that seems really cool. I just want to be able to play the game and have fun, but if the story and the stuff they’re presenting is not handled well enough, then it’s actually impeding on the fun, then that’s going to suck.


“Because Wolfenstein II, like I mentioned, they leaned into it in a good way. In Far Cry 5, if they’re not going to go into it, then it’s just going to be this weird brick wall between me and having fun with it.”

To date, Wolfenstein II still hasn’t been able to breach the 500,000 mark on PC in terms of sales, and despite being one of Bethesda’s highest rated games by critics, it was not one of the highest grossing games of 2017. Clearly critics may have liked the politics in Wolfenstein II, but gamers absolutely did not. Even to this day the forums are riddled with absolutely heated political arguments about the gaming being infested with sociopolitcal agitprop.

Another one of Gamespot’s staff, editor Alessandro Fillari, also had issues with the game’s portrayal of Conservatives as the supposed heroes of the tale. Fillari, with obvious fear and disappoint in his voice, states…

“The game also has a character creator, and I decided to make my character black. So going on to [Hurk’s] property and actually hearing him talk about this sort of deeply Conservative, and sort of gun-totting attitude – that made me real uncomfortable.”

After hearing the reasons as to why the Gamespot staff didn’t like Far Cry 5, it didn’t take long for the community to start lashing back… with a vengeance.

Fillari was right-properly filleted by the comment section like a skinned fish, deep grilled on a sunny afternoon in July.

Gamers obviously aren’t buying into the anti-Conservative spiel being pushed out by some outlets. In fact, this kind of forced narrative that games that aren’t Liberal leaning are “bad” or “wrong” or not doing their stories “right” are doing nothing more than emboldening ever-growing factions like the Alt-Right.

Gamespot isn’t even alone in this kind of Conservative-bashing perspective. Polygon had previously ragged on Ubisoft for not making Far Cry 5 a Christian Conservative murder simulator.

Journalists already set it up in their mind that Ubisoft’s upcoming game would feature Liberals battling Trump’s Alt-Right, but it turns out that it just might be the other way around.

Far Cry 5 is due out on March 27th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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