God Of War Devs Wanted To Capture Dark Souls’ Interesting Combat Loops
God of War

Santa Monica Studios recently released a video detailing how the combat system and God of War controls work for the PS4. The game is due for release in April.

The video was released along with a television commercial for God of War. There were a few interesting comments made by creative director Cory Barlog, who talked about the combat loops they wanted to capture from Dark Souls for God of War, with Barlog saying…

“We don’t just want to mimic Dark Souls. As much as we like that game, there is kind of this interesting loop inside of [Dark Souls] that we wanted to capture. That’s when we really started embracing the fact that not all of God of War has to be charge in, hit, and then sort of wake up after everything is over. Right?


“We just didn’t have that strategic element, that cerebral engagement. All of the pieces we put together throughout development put the player in a position where they have to think as they’re fighting.”

Not everyone is happy about the comparisons to Dark Souls, but at this point it’s where Santa Monica Studios is taking the franchise.

Combat mechanics are done using the right bumper and right trigger. You use the right bumper for light attacks and the right trigger for heavy attacks.

You can use the left trigger to aim the axe and the R1 and R2 buttons to throw it at a target. You can recall the axe by pressing Triangle.

Tapping L1 allows you to block while moving the left analog stick while pressing ‘X’ allows you to roll-dodge.

The digital pad is used to access inventory items.

God of War is due for release on April 20th for the PlayStation 4. The developers also removed female nudity and sexualization from the game in order to fit in line with today’s anti-feminine sociopolitical standards.


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