Guns, Gore And Cannoli 2 Now Available For Download On Steam
Guns Gore and Cannoli 2

If you haven’t been keeping close tabs on the news feeds for action-oriented, cooperative romps through World War II where you blow up, shoot, and blast zombies and Nazis to pieces, consider this a friendly reminder that Crazy Monkey Studios’ Guns, Gore And Cannoli 2 is currently available for PC right now for only $12.99.

The sequel to the 2015 outing from Crazy Monkey Studios takes the core concept from the first game and elevates it to the next level by adding more enemies, more guns, more gore, and more Cannoli.

Much like the first entry, the cooperative gameplay is still intact, so you and your friends can play through the campaign mode, supporting up to four-players either in local co-op or via online co-op. There’s also a battle mode, so when you get done with the campaign you can play in the arena.

The story itself centers around gangster Vinnie, who is intent on discovering the truth behind the zombie massacre at Thugtown. You’ll find yourself traveling to 1944 Europe to fight the Nazis and discover the truth behind the original zombie outbreak that took place 15 years ago. This means storming the beaches of Normandy, blowing up pillboxes, and still fighting zombies.

They’ve added all new features to improve the overall playability of Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2, including giving Vinnie the ability to jump-kick his foes in the face just like Mario. An all new 360 degree aiming mode has been implemented, along with dodge-rolls, somersaults and one of my favorite new features… the ability to dual-wield.

I’m not entirely fond of yet another game set during the 1940s in Europe, it’s such a tired and boring aesthetic at this point that it’s worn out its welcome in my own personal tastes, but it’s an era and a setting Crazy Monkey Studios wanted to explore, including war-ravaged speakeasies, the eastern front of World War II, and the propaganda that littered some of the streets in the urban areas.

Even though I don’t like that the game is set during World War II, I went on ahead and picked up a digital copy of Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 from the Steam store for $12.99. It’s important to support good devs. The game is also scheduled to launch for home consoles later in the year.

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