Heroes Of Lust, 18+ Adult MMORPG Now Available For Free On Nutaku
Heroes of Lust

Supper Hippo announced that Heroes of Lust, the turn-based, MMO, role-playing CCG has officially launched on Nutaku. The game is a free-to-play title that allows you to build up a kingdom and challenge other players by growing your mercenary group and heading into battle.

Heroes of Lust features three different main classes to choose from and six additional sub-classes.

You’ll collect hero cards during your journeys that you’ll be able to utilize on the battlefield, mixing and matching attacks to take down your foes and acquire loot and goods.

You can use the materials you acquire to craft all new weapons, items and armor to help aid you in your quest to conquer the land. Along the way you’ll also conquer more than just the land… as depicted in the NSFW images below.

Heroes of Lust has some extremely graphic and uncensored rewards for players who can tame some of the maidens scattered throughout the land. The images above will take you to the uncensored versions that hold nothing back. The art is designed to mimic the Western paintings not unlike the kind that Frank Frazetta used to do.

There are deeply enticing moments of unbridled passion exhibited from very, very loyal subjects.

Along the way you’ll recruit mercenaries, win battles, upgrade them and continue to make your way through the game as you unlock new CG sequences to quench your insatiable thirst while you crush players beneath you.

The game doesn’t appear to have much else going for it other than what’s on the description page. If you enjoy the basic role-playing grind with an MMO flavor and the ability to PvP other players while unlocking hardcore and uncensored CGs of hot chicks, you can do so by firing up Heroes of Lust by visiting the very not safe for work Nutaku store page.


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