Iron Harvest Kickstarter Campaign Brings New Gameplay Video

Iron Harvest is set to release sometime in 2019 and will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While gamers and fans alike wait for the game’s release, King Art Games has a Kickstarter run going for Iron Harvest that aims to accrue $450,000. This campaign also brought forth a new gameplay trailer.

As of this writing, Iron Harvest’s Kickstarter goal of $450,000 is halfway met — sitting around $207,298. The project has 31 days to go and things are looking up, meaning that fans really have a strong thirst to see an alternate history World War I game come to life.

Speaking of Iron Harvest’s Kickstarter page, the campaign has unveiled quite a bit of information when it comes to what backers will receive, and what sort of backer rewards will be present.

One of the interesting things to surface about Iron Harvest comes in the form of a gameplay trailer, which YouTuber MathChief has a ten minute long video showing the game in action.

As for the Story Mode, Iron Harvest features three single-player campaigns centered around one larger story arc. The mode will have you switch sides between Polania, Rusviet, and Saxony, so you’ll get a sound understanding how each side operates and what their motivations are.

In each campaign you’ll follow the story of one main character, who is joined by other heroes. According to the devs, Heroes in Iron Harvest are units with special abilities that give you additional options in combat. However, you can assume all nine heroes in multiplayer and skirmish matches if the Story Mode isn’t your cup of tea.

Base building and destructible environments are also a thing, and will play a pivotal role in any offensive or defensive maneuver.

You can learn more about Iron Harvest and its newly launched Kickstarter campaign by heading on over to or As mentioned above, the RTS game will debut sometime in 2019 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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