Kingdom Hearts Live, Moss, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma Soundtracks Available

Kingdom Hearts

If you’re a musical aficionado and a frequent connoisseur of massaging your auricular senses with video game soundtracks, you’ll be pleased to know that there are three soundtrack albums available for several games.

Provided by popular demand, some of the tracks from Jason Graves’ Moss soundtrack are available for your listening pleasure via Soundcloud. You can listen to some of the tracks below.

The Soundcloud offerings feature three of the tracks from Polyarc Games’ Moss. The PlayStation VR adventure title is available right now for those of you have the PS4’s VR HMD.

The symphony of musical auspices doesn’t end there.

If you’re a fan of the music featured in the Square Enix and Disney JRPG series, Kingdom Hearts, Project Destati proudly announced that their Project Destati: Darkness album is currently available. It’s based on Testuya Nomura’s original vision of Kingdom Hearts, with special arrangements featuring a live symphony orchestra.

The album contains 30 hand-selected songs that were put together to exemplify the fantastically grand wonderment of the Kingdom Heart franchise. Producer Sebastian Wolff explained in the press release what they were going for, saying…

“DARKNESS, Project Destati’s second of three volumes, has been a concept since 2014 that we’ve been slowly piecing together with the utmost care and forethought for each of the 30 tracks in this collection,”


“Each track was individually given several months of planning and consideration to be arranged in such a way so as to tell the most complete musical story, envisioned with proper connections to other melodies within the KINGDOM HEARTS universe. Thank you so much for listening to our work, and we truly hope you enjoy the ride!.”

You can actually sample the album right now with the Bandcamp embed below.

If you like what you hear you can pick up a digital or physical copy of the Project Destati: Darkness album featuring the live symphony orchestra from the Bandcamp store page. The digital album is available for $15 while the compact disc version is available for $30.

Last but not least is the Materia Collective’s Beyond Skyrim: Bruma Original Game Soundtrack from composer Daniel Ran. This is a collection of 60 tracks based on influences from the Far East and the original soundtrack that was composed by Jeremy Soule.

Ran explained in the press release that his inspirations and aspirations from video game’s illustrious and storied history of noteworthy composers runs deep, mentioning in the press release…

“Jeremy Soule has been an influence of mine starting with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I’ve also been inspired by the works of Japanese composers including Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Shiono and Masashi Hamauzu. For Beyond Skyrim: Bruma , I feel I was able to examine just why Soule’s music was so influential and merged both the Western and Far Eastern influences into a sound that reflects me.


“It’s my most important work to date, and I’m excited to continue composing for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil”

No mention of Yasunori Mitsuda or Noriyuki Asakura? Tsk, tsk. A shame. Mitsuda and Asakura are terribly underrated.

Nevertheless, if you want to catch a listen to the Beyond Skyrim: Burma soundtrack, you can do so with the embed below.

You can purchase the album from a number of different places, including the iTunes App Store, on Spotify, and finally from the Bandcamp store. The digital album is available for only $10, so you won’t be breaking the bank to get your hands on the album.