Kirby Star Allies Gameplay Walkthrough

Kirby Star Allies Gameplay Walkthrough

Nintendo’s latest first-party outing for the Nintendo Switch is Kirby Star Allies, the side-scrolling, cooperative adventure-platformer. You can play the game either in the portable mode or in the TV mode with up to three other friends. Gamers looking for a gameplay walkthrough of Kirby Star Allies can find one right here.

YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 has a complete 32 video playlist walkthrough of Kirby Star Allies, featuring 100% completion rate of the game for the Nintendo Switch. You can check it out below.

Once you start the game and create a new game file, you’ll want to start the Story Mode to begin the actual story campaign. The other modes are the multiplayer modes.

When start the story mode you’ll be greeted with a short cinematic featuring a mysterious figure activating a purple void heart.

Players will have to make their way toward the castle with the purple void overhead.

World of Peace: Dream Land

While in the overworld you’ll be able to select the stages to play.

Enter into the first level.

Press ‘A’ to jump.

Press ‘B’ to inhale the enemies. Press down on the left analog stick to absorb the enemy’s ability.

Press the ‘X’ button to throw a heart to turn an enemy into a friend. You can turn up to three other NPCs into your friends. If you have three extra controllers you can have up to three people join you in local cooperative play. Alternatively the other three characters will be controlled by the CPU.

You can acquire the services of elemental characters who can ramp up your fighting abilities with elemental attacks.

Additionally, when you reach the area with a giant bomb on a string, you can burn the rope.

You can equip elemental abilities by holding up on the left analog stick. You can also equip your teammates with elemental abilities, too.

Abdallah also suggests going into the options menu so you can learn about some of the special combos, special attacks, and special moves. Simply pause the game and scroll over to the moves tab to take a look at the special moves and combos.

If you want to get rid of a power simply hold down the ‘Y’ button on the controller.

Reach the end of the stage and defeat the boss to complete the level.

Donut Dome

The next stage is the Donut Dome. You’ll keep all of your previous friends and abilities from the last stage, which is helpful.

Make your way through the level, defeating the enemies and traversing lower into the mines.

Keep in mind that if there’s an enemy you want that you defeated, simply move one screen space away and then go back and the enemy can respond.

When you pass through the door you can acquire a stone ability for Kirby. He acquires the brick smashing ability that you can use to smash things, just like Super Smash Bros.

If you come across protuberant stakes or stumps, use the smash ability to press them in to unlock secret areas where you can acquire puzzle pieces.

When you reach the area where there’s a door in the upper right hand corner and two enemies below, there’s a switch that you can press in that will lead to another secret puzzle piece.

Reach the end of the stage and press the Dream Palace switch to unlock the Dream Palace on the world map.

Honey Hill

Before you go into the next stage you can go into the Dream Palace to unlock new friends and legendary characters. Grab the dream rod and it will activate a random slot window. You’ll be able to unlock new characters using the dream rod. You can only use the dream rod after you complete a level. So complete levels and then go back to the Dream Palace to unlock new content.

Keep in mind that if you exit the game after saving your game, you will lose your friends.

You’ll be able to acquire the yo-yo boy Gim at the start of Honey Hill.

If you eat a yo-yo boy Gim, press down to absorb Gim’s yo-yo abilities. If you acquire the ability go into the door, acquire the Burning Leo ability and set the rope on fire and then jump into the cannon by hopping into the background. You’ll be able to get fired up from the cannon to acquire a puzzle piece.

Continue through the level and you can acquire a key and make your way through the door way that leads to a cannon that can take you up to another area that will allow you to press a switch and unlock a new level. Near the end of the stage there are some cannons – you’ll need four people to each get into the cannons and then you can acquire another puzzle piece.

Fruity Forest

Head through the stage and climb up the ladders until you reach the top.

When you get to the top of the area there’s a platform with four slots. If you hold down ‘Y’ you can reset your friends and also reset Kirby’s powers.

If you want you can reacquire your friends by throwing hearts at them. Alternatively, you can suck up the powers you want by jumping up and touching the characters in the slots.

If you move over to the right you’ll encounter the Whispy Woods boss fight. He’s pretty easy and all you have to do is pepper him with your attacks to finish him off real fast.

The Fruity Forest is a rather short stage, and it will unlock the next boss fight level.

Clash At Castle Dedede

The first thing you can do is acquire the plasma spark. You can use the spark ability to create a forcefield by running back and forth to build up a static spark shield.

You can acquire Bugzzy, who has a special ability to throw his teammates.

Proceed through the level and pummel the crap out of the baddies until you reach King Dedede. After you get his life halfway down he will turn swollen like Kylo Ren.

Once you defeat King Dedede – which simply requires pummeling him until you wear his life down – you’ll be able to unlock Dedede as a playable characters.Just be sure to avoid getting hit from his swinging attacks.

If you head into the Dream Palace you’ll be able to acquire him as a playable teammate.

Extra Eclair

This is an extra bonus stage that you can unlock, which allows you to acquire some more puzzle pieces.

The stage is designed for up to four players, and it would be wise to have each player take a different route to acquire some additional goodies.

When you reach the end of the level you’ll have to fight a sub-boss called Bonkers with a spinning hammer attack. Just be sure to jump over him to avoid being clobbered.

Another sub-boss will also attack you in the form of Vividria. You can acquire Bonkers’ abilities and also turn Vividria into a friend.

Once you complete the extra stage you’ll be able to head to Planet Popstar.

World of Miracles – Planet Popstar

The new area is actually a pretty neat looking stage. The first stage is called Friendly Field, which opens up all new enemies to acquire and all new allies to befriend.

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