Law Of Creation Updated With New Skins, Gameplay Expansion
Law of Creation

Chinese game studio uBeeJoy announced that they’ve added an all new adventure has been added to their action-RPG for mobile devices, Law of Creation.

The new expansion adds the Eternal Dreamland, which opens up a new area featuring brand new bosses and a mysterious shadow. When you defeat the bosses you’ll unlock shards of the Wyvern Arya.

In addition to the new area and new bosses, there’s also a new faction called the Forbidden Carrier, along with the upcoming additions of Relativist Einstein and Lightray Curie. The two new characters will join the others in Law of Creation who already fill out the roster based on pioneers in engineering, physics, and other fields of science.

According to the press release they have plans on adding additional characters to the roster, but before they get there uBeeJoy has announced that there are some brand new skins added to the game, including a new kimono and all new swimsuits for the characters.

As you can see in the main image above, uBeeJoy isn’t afraid of the feminists that have managed to get games like Super Seducer banned from PS4.

Maybe uBeeJoy is impervious to the wiles of the Western Intersectional Inquisition because they haven’t been directly impacted by them… yet.

Not every Asian developer is immune to the complaints, though. Some studios have caved to the complaints, though, such as NetMarble, who censored Lineage 2: Revolution for the Western release of the game. Other developers, however, such as Vespa Inc, have done the opposite; they uncensored their game King’s Raid after originally censoring the content when feminists complained about fan service.

If you already have the game and you want to get your hands on the new skins for the characters, you can do so by downloading the game for Android devices from over on the Google Play store.


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