The Long Reach is Out, Yes, But What’s Happened To New Hampshire?
The Long Reach

Entry number two in my pixel art continuum.

Yes, continuum seems like the right word because while the only resemblance The Long Reach bears with yesterday’s Pathway are in its pixel art graphics (my favorite), the former is really a whole breed of different.

Astute enough to warn me that it’s crass-humored psychological thriller has absolutely no fantastical elves/swords included even; and yet how I went from shopping for Jelly at the groceries to lying unconscious on the music room floor, I’ll never know.

The Long Reach has several other bold claims to make.

  • A consequential analysis of the human psyche, for instance.

  • Or, a perceptibly deceptive narrative.

  • Misused pixel art maybe but with,

  • A haunting end-game.

The free demo that I tried this morning was effective enough to let me verify several of these; things started out rather humdrum.

A routine halt at the groceries because my soon-to-be significant other was fed up of doing it herself, inviting the scorn of the owner because I complained of her, smirking at the man huddling over the ice-cream freezer because he wouldn’t budge and even running into my prospective mother-in-law.

Before long I was on the phone with 911, the store a bloody mess; half an hour later I was riding the elevator to a Christmas Party at an equally bloody research facility, because I let someone encourage me to play the piano a little longer than I should have.

According to Painted Black Games this is apparently only an example of the lies and deception we have in store for you. The narrative at least is verifiably choice and text-based, tense and highly interactive.

So much so that the puzzles that are on offer in the demo do coax one into a satisfactory amount of independent thinking, 2D exploration and NPC interaction. Just as my dim-witted self was making progress however, the credits cut in with a soundtrack reminiscent of dark broodings.

The horror story of it all of course being failed research that plunges the town of Baervox into a world of delusion. Intrigued? The Long Reach is out today for PC/Mac across Steam/GOG, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The PlayStation 4 edition also features a special/signature physical release while the PS Vita is delayed, although only slightly in favor of porting inconsistencies. Oh and you were invited to a Developer AMA as of yesterday.


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