Looking for An Apartment? Try Twin Soul’s Purgatory
Twin Soul
(Last Updated On: March 31, 2018)

Yeah staring down a strangely clean, squeaky desolate hallway might be an all-too-familiar endeavor for horror enthusiasts at this point.

But wait, don’t let the naiveté of P.T/Allison Road allusions quell your interests as it did mine initially. Twin Soul may be offering plenty of apartments to plan your next Eastern European stay at but outdoors, things are different.

Post-USSR purgatory-type different.

No doubt the days since October 2016 have been predominantly environment-oriented; room-by-room, apartment-by-apartment, White Noise Team’s toil has involved the meticulous construction of content packs.

These packs of indoor architecture are meant to streamline the entire development process by allowing elements of décor, crockery, clothing and other furnishings to be quickly confounded for faster rendering of in-game housing localities.

Here’s a recent showcase. Worth mentioning is the attention-to-detail à la clothes cutting techniques, real-time mirrors and something called level modules that look very professional on photograph.

Thankfully Twin Soul acknowledges that you, beloved reader, most likely fall in with the crowd that beheld its playable prototype at GG2017 asking what the narrative’s like.

What it has to offer is co-operative gameplay, exploring the ills of a degenerative society lush with drug-abuse and environmental misuse. Really the past-present meet in a distant Eastern European town where the inhabitants are bizarre and the puzzles all the more absurd.

So much so that players will be forced to rely on their mates in avoiding the former and tackling the latter; minus the cheap jump scares, forced combat, empty VR promises or (possibly) offline play. In fact the only source of concern in the old game-play teaser is a broken cup and a not-very-appetizing noodle.

To which you might counter that that’s a sales pitch you’re all-too-familiar with as well. In its defense White Noise has Alchemilla to show for, a Half-Life 2 modification expanding the Silent Hill universe, whose 6-year development span and post-release reception speaks for itself.

Now while a playable demo is due alongside a Kickstarter campaign, the former’s script/screenplay was finalized only earlier this year in the wake of completed protagonist designs and memorization techniques for enemy AI that let’s them return to areas they like the most.

By all means, feel free to contribute to Twin Soul in more ways than ogling across social media; proficient Animation/Rigging talent seemed to be invited as of December 2017, nothing too high-end.

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