Lost In Space Second Trailer Captures Mass Effect Better Than Mass Effect: Andromeda
Lost In Space - Netflix

Netflix released the second trailer for Lost In Space, the upcoming television series remake based on the original television show from the 1960s. The first trailer was steeped in controversy due to Netflix virtue signaling its “diverse” cast, which did not go down well with potential viewers… at all.

The second trailer focuses more on the colony crew’s survival on a foreign planet where resources are running low, befriending alien life is essential for survival, and receiving help from anyone on the original colony vessel is a futile effort given that the ship goes kaput.

What’s most surprising about the second trailer is that it seems to capture what BioWare Montreal attempted and failed to do with Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game was originally supposed to be about the perils of a crew on a colonization mission in the Andromeda solar system, but the game decided to recycle a hackneyed plot about evil aliens and focus a good deal of its efforts on gay romance and lesbian sex scenes.

Netflix wisely moved away from sociopolitical fanfare in the second trailer, focusing mostly on Will Robinson as the main character, along with the mysterious Geth-looking robot that befriends Will. There’s also a strong focus on the survival elements and hardships and realities that come with being stranded on a foreign planet, something that was completely skipped over in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

You can check out the trailer below.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this… but this actually looks good. If it wasn’t from Netflix – who is known for pushing agitprop – I would actually consider paying to watch it.

A lot of the commenters have also somehow been blinded by the visuals and the sleek pacing of the trailer to not complain about Netflix’s obvious agenda with the remake.

Lost In Space - Rob The Robot

The robot also seems to have a more mysterious purpose in the remake compared to the original show, showing it almost like some kind of biomechanical organic rather than a straight-up mechanized AI.

The CGI is also top notch to be a streaming series. It appears Netflix was willing to spend a lot more on this show than their Marvel shows.

Lost In Space - Robinson vs Rob

Also, the tech featured in this iteration of Lost In Space seems to really draw a lot of inspiration from BioWare’s Mass Effect series. The elliptical designs of the vehicles and ships along with the stylishly ergonomic equipment seems like a straight nod to the Mass Effect series… you know, back when it was good and unqualified diversity-hires didn’t drive it into the ground with sociopolitical pandering to demographics who don’t even play video games (hence Mass Effect: Andromeda’s horribly poor sales).

Lost In Space is due to stream on Netflix starting April 13th.


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