Love Esquire, RPG Dating Sim Will Launch With Uncensored Patch
Love Esquire

Yangyang Mobile announced that their latest RPG dating simulator, Love Esquire, is currently in development for launch on Steam and later this year. The developers are targeting a third quarter, 2018 release window for the upcoming title, which will mix in CG images from visual novels, turn-based combat, and a special uncensored patch made available for free to make the game a lot more… enticing.

The game’s details were originally rolled out back in December of 2017 over on the Love Esquire Patreon page.

The developers are currently hard at work on branching out the story for the five different dating options, including an exotic princess; a trauma-ridden young doctor who was once enslaved by some thirsty bandit raiders; a sharp-tongued monarch with a cold personality and a spirit that needs taming through hard training; and a local farm girl named Amelie, who has tomboyish mannerisms and is the main character’s stepsister. Yes… it’s one of those games.

Love Esquire - Ahegao

The combat system in the game is quite unique. Since the main character is a squire living in the fantasy kingdom of Caerulia, he’s an aid for the actual hero of the game, a famous and powerful knight. So during combat your job isn’t to battle but to protect, heal, and cheer on the knight who will do all the hefty battling. You’ll also be able to loot some of the enemies.

You’ll have to manage the squire’s time, however. He’ll have to deal with the day-to-day squabbles of training and story interaction in between courting the five young ladies.

As you make progress with the ladies you’ll eventually unlock the CGs as a reward for filling up the relationship meter.

The game will feature over 16 different locations to visit and 40 CG images to unlock. I’m not sure if the 40 images are before or after the “special” patch, but 40 images is still quite a bit.

You’ll also be able to unlock up to 11 different endings… and just keep in mind that depending on your choices not all of those result in a happy ending.

Love Esquire

The game will also feature partial voice acting but if funding permits, Yangyang Mobile has plans on adding full voice acting to the game.

Love Esquire will launch on Steam and, and depending on how tings go they might port it to mobile devices.

You can keep track of development by visiting the Patreon page.


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