Make Sail Enters Into Early Access On Steam Starting March 30th
Make Sail

Popcannibal’s FIG-funded, open-sea sailing game, Make Sail, will officially enter into Early Access on Steam starting March 30th. The game allows players to create their very own sailing machine, venture across wind-swept water, and visit a plethora of fantasy isles and locations using their makeshift watercraft.

The highlight of Make Sail is obviously designing your very own wind-driven boat. It can be as small as a raft or as large as a yacht. The construction, shape, design, and mobility will be based on what creative wave-caressing contraption you can concoct from your very own imagination.

The boat construction doesn’t end there, though. As you venture about the isles and discover new locations, you can acquire new propellers, sparklers, sails, flotsam, and sparklers to make your boat even bigger and even sexier than you could ever imagine. It’ll be the Chad of the waters, envied by all and desired by many.

You can see what the boat construction, sailing mechanics, and some of the exploration looks like with the new trailer below.

It’s not all breezy winds and sauntering displays of soothing sunsets and seagulls reclining their wings against the cloud-kissed skies. There are troubles afoot that will test the mettle of gamers.

An improperly built boat can find itself wrecked against the dream-shattering edges of jagged rocks, and pillars of inviting but uneven ground.

You’ll have to sail both freely and cautiously if you want to make the most of your journey, otherwise it will be eventful yet short lived.

The idea is to push through the storm and eventually escape from the wondrous but dangerous world. You’ll need to upgrade your boat in order to accomplish that task.

I think Make Sail could prove to be a very interesting game if the gameplay beats are steady and the loops are interesting enough. I imagine a large part of the draw for the game will be keeping your boat in working order while engorging your eyes on the gorgeous scenery that will envelop a large part of your experience.

If you want to learn more or set about following Make Sail in preparation for its Early Access launch, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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