Master Of Eternity Brings Waifu And Mech Combat To Mobile Devices
Master of Eternity

Nexon’s Master Of Eternity recently launched on Android and iOS devices. Now I know what you’re thinking “Mobile games suck!” and yes, they do. However… Master of Eternity is a strategic mech role-playing game and we all know how rare those are in the realm of gaming.

To really add to the appeal of Master of Eternity is the cast of characters chock full of waifu bait, plenty of cleavage and huge assets. This is no joke, just check out the intro trailer below, courtesy of Pixel Planet.

The actual gameplay for Master of Eternity is themed around turn-based mech gameplay. Players will utilize the different abilities and weapon loadouts for their team to take down enemies.

The story is themed around a group of “Pixies” who are paired up with mech suits in order to take down their enemies in a galactic war. You can check out the official trailer below.

The game attempts to appeal to the otaku culture by providing gamers with the meta game based around tactical mechanized combat, and also throw in plenty of jiggly boobs, short dresses, and even a showroom where you can change the outfits for the waifus in the game.

MMO Culture did an eight minute video showcasing the game’s item management, where you can select the different outfits for the Pixies. All the standard cosplay costumes you would expect to be present are there, including sexy maid outfits, school girl outfits, bikinis, lingerie and more.

Master of Eternity even supports VR so you can scope out the girls in their outfits from… every… angle.

Nexon knows exactly what they’re doing with this game because many of the outfits are cash shop clothes, so they’re banking on otakus and weebs buying plenty of outfits for their waifus from the cash shop.

Master of Eternity - Bunny Costume

In addition to all of the costume changes and accessorized management, the game also sports PvE and PvP scenarios for mobile gamers.

You can hop into the free-to-play game right now by visiting the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.


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