Metro: Exodus Morality System Will Be Based On How You Play

Metro: Exodus is Deep Silver and 4A Games upcoming first-person shooter that will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One this fall. Additionally, we learn that Metro: Exodus will not support VR capabilities at this stage, but it will supposedly feature a moral system that will react to how you play.

Whether you like VR or not, it has been said by the official Metro: Exodus Twitter account that there will be no support for it at this stage. You can read the answer to Twitter user Toni’s query below:

Maybe at a later stage VR fans will be able to see a virtual reality version of Metro: Exodus, but not at this point and time.

Moreover, Metro: Exodus executive producer Jon Bloch elaborated to GameInformer about the game’s morality system. The system will supposedly stand to be less “do you want to be good or bad?” and will seemingly follow the path of reacting to what is performed by the player.

In addition to the morality system in Metro: Exodus, you can read what executive producer Bloch had noted about the system right here:

“We didn’t want to make it like a game where you’re posed with a scenario that literally asks ‘do you want to be good or bad’?” executive producer Jon Bloch told us during our cover trip. “We want to see how people play, and then the game reacts to how you play.”

Hopefully we can see more of Metro: Exodus through new gameplay videos to get a grasp of what’s going on mechanically. Time will surely tell if Deep Silver and 4A Games are doing a noteworthy job on this Metro title or not.

Assuming the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter faces no delays in the future, the game is slated to debut this fall for PC and home consoles. You can learn more about Metro: Exodus by paying a visit.

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