NBC News Censors Meet The Press Guest For Clarifying AR-15 Is .223 Caliber Rifle
NBC Censorship

On the March 25th, 2018 edition of NBC’s Meet The Press, there was a 17 minute segment featuring seven registered voters from Wisconsin, spanning the political spectrum. However, whenever it came time for a certain member of the table to speak, NBC purposefully muted the audio so viewers couldn’t hear what he had to say.

The 17 minute clip was posted up over on the NBC News YouTube channel. It’s already been downvoted a great deal by viewers since being published over the weekend.

You’ll notice that Scott Grabins, with the side shave and glasses, only manages to have his piece shared at the 5:42 mark, where his audio doesn’t cut off and he makes the case that the AR-15 mechanically functions just like other semi-automatic hunting rifles out there, like the Ruger Mini-14. Grabins explains that it fires .223 caliber just like many other hunting rifles.

Grabins states…

“Generally speaking, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. And mechanically it’s no different than a hunting rifle. They’re both semi-automatic. We could certainly talk about magazine sizes or the velocity of the ammunition that’s used, but an AR-15 by itself — I own an AR-15 lookalike, but it’s a 22 [caliber], but that’s not the type of gun we’re talking about — but mechanically, it’s the same sort of thing: you pull the trigger, you get one bullet.”

Now what’s absolutely fascinating is that at the 6:02 mark in the video above, when Grabins states that his lookalike is a .22 caliber, NBC lowers the volume on his voice and plays a woman clearing her throat over it so you can’t hear that Grabins explains that the AR-15 functions mechanically the same as most .22 caliber hunting rifles.

Even the caption censors out when Grabins mentions that the rifle is a .22 caliber.

Over on the official NBC News website [backup], the transcript for the March 25th, 2018 edition of Meet The Press censors out majority of Scott Grabins dialogue, completely removing the part where he clarifies that the standard AR-15 fires .22 caliber bullets.

They truncate the transcript.

Even more than that, the entire sections where Scott Grabins talks between 12:12 and 13:35 are completely censored in the video and there is no transcript for what he says. There’s also no closed caption available.

Many of the commenters on the YouTube page pointed out that NBC completely censored much of Scott Grabins’ exposition and presume that NBC attempted to “rig” the discussion.

Four years ago gamers asked for transparency and honesty from its gaming media; a press that would fight for the people it represents and be upfront about relationships and financial ties to the industry that it reports on. Gamers were called “misogynists” and “harassers” when they rallied for better ethics in media journalism under the #GamerGate banner, but pressed on and fought to have FTC standards improved and enforced for disclosures, and to have ethical policies updated to meet the standards of today’s expectations.

The question now becomes: will the average American demand that mainstream media ethically represent controversial issues like gun regulation in a fair and honest manner, or will Americans continue to accept agenda-driven, slanted news as their source of information?


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