Netflix’s ReBoot: The Guardian Code Trailer Gets Hammered By Fans Of Original Series
Reboot The Guardian Code

The old ReBoot was a 1990s 3D animated show that centered around the exploits of a Guardian of the system named Bob. He teamed up with a couple of other characters named Enzo, and Enzo’s older sister named Dot. The trio would oftentimes participate in “games” in order to defeat the user to protect the Mainframe. If they lost a game then parts of the Mainframe would be destroyed.

The original ReBoot was pretty cool and despite not aging very well, it was a nice juxtaposition between advanced animation techniques for an afternoon cartoon (during the time of its release) and celebrating video game culture.

Well, Netflix decided to encroach upon the classic 1990s cartoon with a reboot of Reboot called ReBoot: The Guardian Code.

The new show removes Bob, Enzo and Dot, and replaces them with a diverse cast made up of different races, featuring three boys and a girl. Instead of Bob defending the Mainframe, the four teenagers have to fight against the original Reboot’s villain, Megabyte.

The visuals aren’t very impressive of the new show, and actually look worse than most video games fond on a Nintendo console. Worse yet is that it’s a show that mixes live-action actors with 3D scenarios. The four teens basically are like low-rent video game versions of the Power Rangers, just without a cool theme song and the lack of access to a MegaZord. You can check out the trailer below.

Obviously, most fans of the original ReBoot did not like the trailer for the reboot of ReBoot at all. This is reflected in the trailer’s like-to-dislike ratio, which speaks volumes.

The top comments reflect in words what people already made known via the like/dislike counter.

Most fans of the original ReBoot joked that they’ll need to reboot the reboot of ReBoot.

A lot of today’s generation of millennials who haven’t become brainwashed with sociopolitical proselytizing, recognize that many of the cartoons, shows, and games that they grew up with are now being completely destroyed by agenda-pushing propagandists.

The trailer was so bad that even dislike virgins had their cherry popped, opting for the first time ever to dislike a video that ruined their childhood in such a definitively disgraceful way.

What’s interesting here is that a lot of people simply dislike it for the fact that it looks awful and not like a proper reboot of ReBoot. That’s not even getting into whether or not the show has any Leftist propaganda in it, but given the make up of the cast you can likely expect Netflix to slip it in somewhere.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code is set to debut on March 30th.

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