Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom Gameplay Walkthrough
Ni No Kuni 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Bandai Namco and Level-5’s Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is currently available for PC and PS4. The JRPG is themed after the lighthearted and mystical adventures oftentimes featured in Studio Ghibli films. There are gameplay walkthrough guides available to help get you started and moving through the game to accelerate at a comfortable pace in the JRPG.

YouTuber Shirrako has a complete playlist for the Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom walkthrough that you can check out below.

Once you start a new game you’ll be greeted with a cinematic.

The game gives a brief backstory about a king who would rule the world before transitioning to modern day America, where a nuke levels the city while the President travels across a bridge. In the aftermath of the blast, the President is whisked away in a cloud of blue sparkles.

Ni No Kuni 2 - Nuke

Ni No Kuni 2 Controls

President Roland ends up being transported to Ding Dong Dell, where he meets the petulant King Evan.

An explosion rocks the castle and players are put into the role of President Roland, who is young and made handsome with a long ponytail.

Use the left analog to control Roland. Use the right analog to control the camera. Reset the camera if it gets unwieldy by pressing in the right analog stick.

You’ll end up in your first combat scenario where the game will teach you how to fight. Press Square to perform light attacks and Triangle to perform heavy attacks. Alternate between the attacks to perform combos.

You can jump during battle or out of combat using Circle.

Press in the right analog stick during combat to lock onto enemies. You can press the left and right digital pads to cycle between the enemies you’ve locked onto. Additionally, you can press L1 to block incoming attacks in order to reduce damage.

You can also avoid getting hit by using L1 + the left analog stick to roll. Rolling out of the way avoids taking damage and helps reposition you for a more advantages attack. However, rolling does take more time to perform and reduces the quick counter-strike maneuverability offered by simply blocking.

Another cinematic will play, revealing that the coup d’etat was planned by the leader of the mice, Chancellor Mausinger.

The mice have plans to overthrow young Evan after they poisoned the former king.

Once the cinematic ends you’ll need to fight a few more guards and then move through the garden stealthily. Avoid being spotted, otherwise the elite guards will attack you. It’s possible to fight them if you have the finger work and talents of a speed calligraphy champion, but if you don’t possess such skills, avoid engaging the elite guards.

Wait for the guards to turn their backs so that you can sneak through the garden and enter through the door.

If you need a map of the area you can tap the options menu on the PS4 controller to get a look at your surrounding.

Ni No Kuni 2 - POTUS Fighting Mice

Another cinematic will play after you proceed through the servants quarters, where you’ll gather a new outfit, some equipment and skills.

You can equip and assign weapons, skills and magic to your arms band.

Enter into the equipment and skill menu and you can equip up to three melee weapons and a sidearm.

Press L2 to switch between the different weapons in your arm band. As you build up the zing in the weapons you can unleash powerful attacks. Alternating between the different weapons will allow you to maximize your damage output against enemies.

Ni No Kuni 2 Zing Skills

Waystones are scattered throughout the game world. Be sure to save often. Waystones also restore your MP and HP.

You can use your ranged weapons while engaged in combat by pressing R1 on the PS4 controller.

After you save the game and get your equipment in order, continue through the tutorial phase by sneaking past the guards, entering into the room with the secret passageway and proceeding into the sewers.

After another short cinematic, you’ll enter into the Ding Dong Well.

Defeat the enemy slimes and continue through the sewer.

You’ll also open up the ability to utilize the zing effect through the skill menu, which can be done by holding down the right trigger during battle and pressing any of the face buttons to activate a skill assigned on the skill palette.

Filling up a weapon’s zing will allow you to unleash an attack. It’s suggested to keep at least one weapon with a full zing in reserve in case you need to unleash a powerful skill attack.

Follow the pathways around the sewer and take out the monsters along the way.

Continue along the outer edge of the sewer and follow the path around the waterway until you reach the broken bridge, which is where another cinematic will play.

After the duo wake up at the bottom of the cliff, continue through the sewage pathway until you reach a clearing where the Black Knight will appear.

Ni No Kuni 2 - Black Knight

The Black Knight isn’t difficult to fight in his first form. Simply attack him and then wait for him to do his strong attack. Proceed to attack him again once he finishes his attack. Rinse and repeat this tactic until he takes on his second transformation.

In his second transformation you’ll want to get around to his backside and attack him there since he’s weakest there.

After the fight, Nella will bite the dust at the hands of the Black Knight’s rat transformation.

A cinematic will play where a Curious Boy will help cheer up Evan after talking about his losses. The Curious Boy gives Evan a real talk about becoming a man. He explains that in every loss there’s a new beginning – to meet someone new and to have an opportunity to grow stronger.

These are wise words, especially for those who need to get strong and stay strong.

A King Without A Country

After the curious boy gives Evan some advice on becoming a real man, you’ll play as the soy-induced Evan. Go save the game and head up to Roland.

Chapter 2: The Kingdom to Come

After the short cinematic the first chapter will end and the second chapter will begin.

Evan explains that after coronation ceremony the kings are supposed to receive a Kingmaker – a mighty beast with the strength of an army.

Roland and Evan plan on acquiring a new Kingmaker for their new kingdom. This requires the duo to travel to Cloudcoil Canyon.

A fast travel waypoint will also open up called a trip door.

Simply go over to the trip door and press ‘X’ on the PS4 controller to save the trip door spot. This will allow you to fast travel back to that spot if need be.

From here you’ll enter into the main overworld.

Proceed across the map and follow the yellow arrow on the mini-map.

Head toward the small hut to trigger another tutorial about dealing with aerial enemies as well as using the Higgledy friends to help attack enemies.

You can use the Higgledy friends when they give you the signal during combat. Run up to them and press and hold ‘X’. They will lend you aid during battle against some enemies.

Alternatively, for aerial foes simply use Circle to jump up and attack with Square or Triangle to damage the foes or bring them down a peg.

Auntie Martha will lend you a few of the Higgledy friends, which look like the section 8 versions of Pikmin.

Travel northeast across the bridge just north of Aunt Martha’s house.

You’ll eventually make it to Cloudcoil Canyon.

Talk to the Grimalkin Merchant to receive the free Leafbook information-sharing service. It’s essentially the game’s compendium, but it’s a spoof of Facebook.

Move through the canyon past the merchant and kill any enemies along the way. You’ll want to make your way northeast through Cloudcoil Canyon.

Eventually you’ll reach a Higgledy, which will lead you to another Higgledy.

Evan will acquire a moldy old stick and a new spell to use on the prop leaf to use it as a spring to get up to higher places.

Fight your way up the mountain, where the music sounds like something out of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Head up the winding cliff side.

There are also a few treasures along the way if you use the wind spell on the flowers.

Once you reach the end of the pass another cinematic will play where Tani will make her introduction.

Ni No Kuni 2 - Tani

After Evan and Roland are brought to Batu, Batu’s daughter is captured. Evan and Roland are allowed to have their lives spared if they can rescue Tani from the wryvens’ den.

If you need health supplies and weapons, you can purchase a few from the shop.

Proceed out of the village and back into the overworld. You’ll have to move through the mountains toward the wryverns’ den.

You’ll need to be at least level 8 – 10 if you don’t want to struggle with some of oms the enemies.

Proceed around the canyon and gather up some experience and loot as you make your way through the canyon. You can use the map below to go from the Sky Pirates’ Base to the Wryvens’ Den.

Battle through the enemies and head along the pathway into the cave.

When you make it into the den you’ll need to follow the path deep into the cave. You can give the dollop some milk cream if you have any and it will give you a Higgledy in return.

You’ll need to defeat the Wryvern boss in order to free Tani, who will join your team on your journey to the cradle of light.

Talk to Tani by the airship to begin the next quest.

A cinematic will play and the trio will make their way into the cradle of light.

Interact with the tablet and another cinematic will play, which will initiate the Kingmaker trials.

The trials consists of puzzles. You’ll need to follow the proper path as depicted in the video above.

Start by going to the statue with the boy to the far left.

Next make your way waround to the scepter.

Finally go and interact with the laft checkpoint at the bottom right hand corner of the puzzle map after turning the statue to face the north.

Proceed toward the book at the upper right hand corner of the stage to move on to the next puzzle trial.

Move around the map as indicated in the image below. Follow the red line. Proceed to the red mouse statue and turn it so it faces to the east. Move around to to the blue statue and have it face the west.

For the third trial of the Kingmaker, start by moving to the right of the puzzle and going past the purple statue on the far right first.

Proceed past the green statue after making it face west, and then make your way up to toward the northern part of the map. Have the middle statue face east and then move around to the back of the area and circle back around.


From there, move around to the orange statue and then finish last with the blue statue, ensuring that the boy is facing the dragon statue to complete the challenge.


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