Not Tonight, Anti-Brexit Game Gets Heavily Criticized For Pushing Leftist Propaganda
Not Tonight

Developer PanicBarn and publisher No More Robots released a trailer for their anti-Brexit game, Not Tonight. The game features a character living in squalor after the Alt-Right take over Parliament and exile “citizens of European heritage”. The trailer was met with a rather defensive push back from residents of the U.K., who feel Brexit is the only way to save the future of their heritage and secure the existence of their people.

The trailer is a minute long, featuring a few of the locations that players will visit in their job as a bouncer. The game centers around checking people’s IDs and making enough money to get out of squalor and upgrade your pad. The downvotes on the trailer obviously led the publisher to disable the like-to-dislike ratio.

While the likes/dislikes won’t get you any kind of clear view on what people think about Not Tonight, the comment section is filled with plenty of criticisms of PanicBarn, as well as No More Robots’ decision to censor the like/dislike bar.

Even pro-#GamerGate outlet Games Nosh hopped into the comment section to roast the developers on disabling the like/dislike bar.

Others quickly recognized that the game seemed to be pushing heavily toward the Leftist political agenda, and that it was little more than propaganda for the Regressive Left.

Of course, there are some people who are in support of the game, and have taken an opportunity to attack the people who support Brexit.

As Not Tonight picks up more steam, and more Right-leaning advocates catch wind of the trailer, don’t be surprised if the entire comment section is cordoned off and disabled completely.

Some Steam users are questioning how a game like this is even going to be allowed to be distributed on home consoles and PC. ScienceFiction97 wrote…

“How is a game so politically charged with extremism allowed to sell on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch? I thought games were about fun, entertainment, and new experiences, not brainwashing youth into political extremism and telling them to literally revolt against their government for not being part of the UN. I looked at “discussions” for the game, there were 5 all asking why this game was the way it was, all got deleted. Their trailer’s rating bar is disabled. How do you all feel about the game’s idea of a future without Brexit, and how do you feel about how the devs are handling the criticism?”

Other Conservatives and Right-leaning individuals claimed that their posts are being deleted on the Steam forums, showing that the developers seem to have fully engulfed themselves in the culture war, but certainly not the winning side.

The developers are planning on releasing the game this summer on Steam for PC. They’re currently recruiting people to beta test the game via their Discord channel. They also have plans on releasing the game on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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