The Pirate’s Fate Is A Furry’s Dream Game About Choice-Driven Transformations
The Pirate's Fate
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)

The Pirate’s Fate is a game about a crew of anthropomorphic pirates who encounter some transformative circumstances… literally. The game is about Mila, a member of the Dread Pirates gang. You’ll join the rest of the crew as they seek out fame and fortune on the sea, encountering various obstacles along the way that puts both Mila and the rest of the crew in harm’s way.

In their quest for loot, the Dread Pirates will encounter other pirates, and will have to make some tough choices in their journey. There’s also the typical romance plots included, to get the furries all spiked and bothered. The developers, T.F. Wright and Volkenfox, prided themselves on including a variety of different relationships to encounter, along with different ways in which the romances can unfold.

As a matter of fact, there are 40 different romance paths included in The Pirate’s Fate. This is coupled with more than 300 different story choices you can make that span across eight different plot lines. These aren’t just random choices either. The choices literally transform and morph both Mila and the crew. You can see some of the transformations and how it works with the trailer below.

As you make decisions throughout the game, it reflects on the different kinds of transformations your character will go through, a little bit like what Fable was supposed to be.

There will be 35 total transformations to unlock, along with a CG gallery for all of the different characters and morphs that total more than 190 illustrations.

The Pirate’s Fate sports a script with more than 190,000 words, and also supports partial voice acting and a full soundtrack.

Now this isn’t a visual novel for everyone. If you’re not into furries you’re probably not going to like this game. If you’re not into LGBT romances you’re probably not going to like this game. And if you’re not into sexy animals, you sure as heck are not going to like this game.

If you are into all that other stuff, you can look for The Pirate’s Fate to launch on March 27th over on the Steam store.

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