Pizza Connection 3 Cheats Give You Infinite Cash
Pizza Connection 3
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2018)

Gentlymad Studios and Assemble Entertainment’s Pizza Connection 3 did not get off to a good start on the digital distribution outlets at all. The game is getting hammered hard in the user reviews. However, if you were (un)lucky enough to keep playing, there are a few cheats available to help you quickly blast through the Pizza Connection 3 grind.

The first cheat trainer is available for download over on

The trainer only contains four cheats, which are listed below:

  • Prepare for Money
  • Sets To $10,000
  • Add $10,000
  • 10kg of Each Ingredient

So just to explain a little bit about how the cheats work here. The first money cheat sets your money to $10,000 whether you have more or less than that. It’s a tricky cheat that’s probably best used early on in the game when you’re just starting out, because you can quickly set your cash reserves to $10,000 and then spend it on upgrades and staff and whatever else you need. Once you start making more money it would be best to use the +10,000 cheat so that it adds $10,000 to your account, rather than setting it at $10,000.

The 10kg for each ingredient basically gives you tons of ingredients added to your storage. So it’s easy to keep your business running smooth as a Brazilian-waxed bottom in order to service your customers and make some mad dosh.

There’s a second cheat trainer available as well, which you can acquire if you have a premium membership with Cheat Happens.

Surprisingly, the premium cheat trainer only has two cheats:

  • Change Cash
  • Instant Research

Now this is very interesting here because in a way you might need both trainers if you want to gain the most effective cheating methods out of Pizza Connection 3. The change cash cheat from Cheat Happens is practically the same as the other money cheats from Megadev, but the real interesting part is the Instant Research cheat, which allows you to instantly research new items and upgrades for your pizzeria.

As for Pizza Connection 3… this game is a hot mess right now. It’s supposed to be a spiritual successor to Pizza Tycoon, but the user reviews for Pizza Connection 3 are right proper brutal. They point out that the game should have spent a bit more time baking in the oven. It’s riddled with bugs and has some quality issues when it comes to playability.

However, a lot of gamers are giving the game negative reviews out of love, not hate. They think that Gentlymad Studios has a good game on their hands but they need to improve the overall quality with some post-launch patches to squash the bugs and improve the quality of life features and playability. Maybe if the developers listen all those negative frowns will turn right-side up into smiles.

Pizza Connection 3 is currently available for $29.99 over on the Steam store and

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