Planet Alpha, Side-Scrolling Alien Invasion Platformer Announced For PS4, Nintendo Switch

Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha Game Studio and Team17 announced that there’s a new game in the works called Planet Alpha. The game is set to arrive for home consoles. Planet Alpha has been in development for the last four years, and it combines scenic side-scrolling set amidst an alien world being colonized and destroyed by invaders.

Players take on the role of a survivor simply trying to escape the planet. They’ll explore some of the biomes along the way, encountering a uniquely distinct world composed of creatively outlandish designs.

According to Adrian Lazar, the creative director behind the game, the idea was to replicate some of the more organic and non-manufactured elements of nature that he encountered after moving to Scandinavia, mentioning in the PlayStation Blog

“Moving to Scandinavia, I was fascinated by the long, colorful twilights when the sun lowers below the horizon and the sky is scattered with vivid shades. It’s a huge, often dramatic transformation that as an artist I wanted to replicate in our game. “

You can see what Lazar and the rest of the team came up with via the announcement trailer below, which gives you a look at the alien world that’s currently in distress… and in war.

So what’s interesting here is that Planet Alpha is considered a fast-paced platformer where you’ll need to solve some puzzles and also utilize stealth during some segments, but as you can see there’s a whole story unraveling in the background as you journey through the foreign lands and attempt to secure safety for yourself.

What’s most impressive is seeing attack ships birth explosive fireballs after being shredded in half by flying monstrosities; and seeing laser beams fire in unison toward the lords of the sky against a purple painted night is a real sight to behold.

We get all of these little morsels of something grander taking place within the world of Planet Alpha, such as the troops marching along the road while the player-character sneaks through the reeds of a marsh. There’s a much larger story happening around the player, but the focus itself is on the player’s escapades, not unlike Another World or Future Wars.

There’s no release date set on Planet Alpha but the trailer reveals that it’s coming soon for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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