Pure Heart Chronicles, Uncensored Sexy Visual Novel Available On Nutaku
Pure Heart Chronicles

Nutaku has announced that Arkamsoft and Superhippo’s Pure Heart Chronicles is currently available for purchase over on the Nutaku store for $7.00.

The uncensored 18+ visual novel follows the adventurous and oftentimes sexual exploits of four scantily clad women and a young novice named Quinn who tags along for the ride. Quinn joins the guild of Mayhem Rose, which is a famous questing guild, consisting of a loli, a dark-skinned female warrior in gold armor, a barmaid and a blonde bombshell in armor skimpy enough to make the Queen’s Blade crew blush.

The visual novel is a lighthearted affair, with plenty of typical anime-themed tropes ratcheted up by 11 and featuring plenty of uncensored moments of lasciviousness. You can get a small taste of what the art and the game is like with the launch trailer below.

Of course, the design of the characters and the theme of the game lends itself well for the uncensored nature of Nutaku’s store, featuring all sorts of lewd situations for the four main heroines.

Players will have 10 different locations to explore and four unique girls to seduce, along with 15 different uncensored CG sequences to unlock, along with different routes and outcomes.

You can check out an image from the visual novel below, but if you click through the image you can view the uncensored version.

Like many other titles available on Nutaku, you can pick up Pure Heart Chronicles as a DRM-free game. So you don’t have to worry about being locked out of the game.

Art-wise, Pure Heart Chronicles has some pretty good designs, and there’s an obvious mixture of East meets West when it comes to characters.

Pure Heart Chronicles - screenshot8

If you’re interested in picking up a digital copy of the game you can do so for $7.00 from over on the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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