Pyre Is DRM-Free And Available For Download On
Pyre GOG announced that Supergiant Games’ Pyre is currently available on the DRM-free digital distribution service for $19.99. However, as part of a week-long discount to commemorate the game’s availability as a DRM-free title, you can get it for 25% off for only $14.99.

The game is a party-based action-RPG, where it’s set in the world of purgatory where groups of fallen heroes, villains and legends participate in an otherworldly competition, granting the winning party an opportunity to exit from purgatory.

Players will gather their party and attempt to win the competition or forever find themselves wandering the spaces of exile.

You can check out a trailer for the game below, which carries over similar artistic traits and gameplay mechanics from Supergiant’s previous outings such as Transistor and the award-winning Bastion.

The gameplay consists of traveling across the outer-dimensional realm of purgatory, meeting other unique characters and learning how to master the abilities of your three teammates. Each character has their own desires for wanting to earn their freedom, and a chance to escape purgatory.

To mix up the combat there are talisman and runes you can equip on your characters to help give them an advantage in battle.

The PC version supports 4K UHD, assuming you have a rig that can handle it. There’s also a new ironman mode if you complete the campaign. A multiplayer feature is also included in case you have some buddies you want to play with.

The game reviewed well among critics, but we all know that’s about as important as a group of ants taking cheese crumbs from a moldy snack pack and considering it a gourmet meal. The more important aspect is that users also reviewed the game well, giving it fairly high marks for its striking art style and flavorful story and its unique premise.

If you missed out on Pyre when it first launched because you didn’t want to pick it up on a potato console or support Steam’s DRM, you can grab a DRM-free copy over on the store page.


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