Rend Pre-Alpha Trailer Reveals Fantasy Survival Gameplay

Rend Alpha Test

Frostkeep Studios released a new pre-alpha gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Rend. It debuted as part of a press kit for this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. The new alpha gameplay video arrives ahead of an upcoming closed alpha test set to take place later this spring, followed by Rend’s launch into Steam Early Access.

The three minute video covers some of the fantasy elements present in the upcoming survival game. We see some creatures doing battle, getting vaporized, and some people hunting animals with spears and crossbows.

The video takes a drastic turn nearly a minute in when the player walks through a portal and instead of surviving in the wilderness and fighting against wild boards, there are some talking lanky aliens roaming around. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Game Media.

The video then takes on another rather drastic change, evolving from spears and crossbows to laser weapons. We see a group of players traversing through a cave system, battling other NPCs, and also taking on gargantuan monsters.

Later on in the video we see fully decked out players, wielding mythic-tier weapons and ready to blast the crap out of anyone who gets in their way just like the rocket blasts in Syria.

We also see that there are some interesting mobility mechanics, such as being able to use some glider wings to make large jumps, or taking hold of a hammer similar to Mjolnir, which causes giant lightning bolts to strike down and hit the ground.

The game trailer also reveals player made forts and destructible environments, with physics-based destruction playing a fairly large role in how sieges take place.

Obviously the gameplay looks a little rough around the edges given that Rend is still early in development, but expect things to finally pick up and advance after the first closed beta test takes place.

You can also look for Rend to make a playable appearance at PAX East. For more info you can track the game via its Steam store page.

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