Rune: Ragnarok Video Previews Sailing
Rune Ragnarok - Sailing

Human Head Studios may have been screwed over by Bethesda, but it didn’t keep them down. They put their head downs and went back to work, slaving away on a new project that wasn’t Prey 2 called Rune: Ragnarok. While Bethesda gave Prey to Arkane Studios, who went and butchered it from top to bottom, Human Head Studios has been crafting a game that puts players in the role of Viking warriors within a survival setting.

The developers released a new video of alpha footage from Rune, showcasing some of the game’s exploration and sailing mechanics, which you can check out below.

The video starts with some rather jangily looking movement from a warrior who makes his way toward a yacht. He clicks inside and continues to jangle around a bit while the boat speeds down the river.

Now keep in mind that this is obviously work in progress footage. The character is jiggling around like Megan Mullally’s boobs in an open-tip bra, but they’re not done with it.

The character kind of snaps around when he moves, so there’s obviously some work that needs to go into the animation blending, and the matrix framework of making sure that there’s a definitive flow between the transitions that the character makes from standing to running, and from running to stopping, and from stopping to getting into the boat.

So the jiggle and jangle that you see in the video is because it’s in alpha. Keep in mind that Rune: Ragnarok was only just announced back in August of 2017, so it still has a long ways to go before release.

Now the actual ship mechanics definitely need refinement. The ship basically speeds around like a convertible corvette made of wood. However, the water effects look good and the ship’s reaction to the waves looks decent.

The turning most certainly needs more yaw when moving left and right and there’s the other obvious fact that the character is steering the boat using the ballista in the front. I assume that will be changed later on in development.

For now, Human Head is just showcasing that they have a very solid grasp on what they want to achieve with Rune: Ragnarok, and attempt to make a solid hack-and-slash, exploration survival game set within the Viking realm.

You can keep track of development for this third-person action title by visiting the official website.


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