Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash’s $307 DLC Leaves Some PC Gamers Vexed
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash DLC

Some gamers are pointing out that while they heavily support Marvelous Entertainment and XSeed Games’ efforts to keep sexy-time alive on home consoles and PC during an era where many games that feminists don’t like are being banned from release or withheld from launching in the West, this has not exempted Marvelous from criticisms about their latest DLC practices for the PC release of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

The game launched for PC on March 7th. Marvelous’ title is $39.99 on PC. A $20 discount on the typical $59.99 price point for most games that release.

The current user review rating for the game is mostly positive, but there’s a caveat to those positive reviews: plenty of gamers are not satisfied with the way the DLC has been handled for the PC release. Despite coming out a year after the  PS4 rendition of Peach Beach Splash, PC gamers don’t receive any benefits when it comes to DLC bundles. Instead, it’ll cost you $307 if you want to buy all of the DLC, which is priced anywhere between $3.99 and $24.99.

Moreover, Marvelous didn’t advertise how much all of the DLC would cost before the game was released on PC… leaving a lot of gamers to assume that purchasing the Limited Edition would grant them access to all of the DLC; but it didn’t.

The outrageous price for all the DLC – mostly collaboration packs and accessory items for the clothing customization feature – has led to some negative reviews and deep discussions about the matter on the Steam forums.

One user, Antiga, wrote a lengthy diatribe about the practice in the Steam forums…

“[…] See, one side of me says: “If you want to pay 350 bucks for a single game, a rather simple one at that, be my guest, why would I care.”
But the other side goes: “You idiots who pay 350 bucks for this game are the reason ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ devs are able to do this kind of despicable♥♥♥♥♥♥ Playing on peoples weaknesses, and being praised for it at the same time.”

A lot of people responded by calling the thread bait.

However, Antiga wasn’t alone in thinking that the DLC is Marvelous attempting to prey on weebs and the Otaku community who happen to be fans of Senran Kagura. There are scatterings of reviews, mostly negative, pointing out that this opens the door for more DLC price gouging, similar to what Koei Tecmo began doing with the Dead or Alive series and the plethora of costume packs. Coelacanth gave the game a thumbs down and pointed out the problems they had with the DLC, writing…

“I understand the typical argument people have is “it’s just cosmetic, you don’t NEED to buy them” to which I say that is not an acceptable defense. People play games for different reasons, and I understand not all DLC caters to all people, some players don’t care about extra characters or cosmetic items, but for many that is a very fundamentally important aspect of the gameplay (and is a crowd this particular game series CATERS to). Please do not give this sort of price gouging business practice a free pass because it doesn’t impact how you might choose to play, this is becoming increasingly prevalent in game series and I don’t think it’s right to allow it to continue, nor criticize the many players who want “the complete experience” without paying ridiculous prices.”

There are also threads constantly popping up for the game relating to the high-priced DLC, with users like Haida writing…

“I mean, really. “Just don’t buy it” and all, but this brazenly greedy strategy makes me dislike and distrust the people responsible and if even the creators make me feel like I’m getting exploited in giving them my money for an ecchi high-school girl water-fight videogame, who the heck do they think is going to make feel okay about it. “

Users like Drgy55 offered a counter opinion about the matter, stating that the DLC was just optional, and that people didn’t have to buy it all…

“concerning the majority of negative reviews pertaining to DLC, yes these concerns are valid. However, you have to also consider that 1) it’s cosmetic and 2) they released it all immediately this time, whereas on PS4 it came out over months of time. Marvelous/XSEED COULD have chosen to withhold a lot of the DLC content if they wanted, but instead they just let us have all of it since it was all available. So make of that what you will; I personally don’t mind and it is in no way affecting my gameplay experience. I can easily still recommend without reservation.”

Less than a quarter of the reviews are negative, and most of them bring up the pricey DLC.

While a lot of fans seem to enjoy the game, a segment of the community don’t seem particular happy about Marvelous adopting some of the DLC practices that Koei Tecmo have been using for Dead or Alive games.

Ultimately, if you plan on purchasing Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash for PC, be wary of the highly expensive DLC if you want the “complete” version of the game.

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